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plz help me i think i got laced

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hockeeguy, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. i think this skunk i got form my fronds dealer is laced it was suposed to be skunk i was scptical at first i paid 25g for it and i no skunk is realy rare it smelled like blubreys but it looked like some fire kush but no im hyper as hell and like cant sit down and its ben like 10hrs plz help so if i no its laced:(
  2. Nobody laces weed, only worry about open drinks - the only lacing of weed I know is when the lacer is lacing it for himself. With what you ask? Sperm. He was told the whiter the better, don't ask me :cool:
  3. I highly, highly doubt it's laced dude. The price of lacing product is rediculous. Just relax and all will be fine.

    However, that gave me a chuckle Olesmoky. Thanks.
  4. u just got wicked high- next time dont get such good quality or smoke less
  5. That is not true at all.

    Chances are your weed wasn't laced, it is just bad business for dealers to sell weed that is laced. None of us saw or smoked the bud, so there is really no way for us to tell you for sure that it wasn't, but there is a very small chance that you got laced weed.
  6. scarier shit happens with laced weed. also you DID post this in the apprentice tokers section, so i'm guessing you're a beginner at smoking. that means you will have low tolerance, meaning you will get way higher, and for a longer time than people who smoke more often. do you have any more of it? smoke a smaller amount next time and see if you feel the same. if not don't worry about it.
  7. LOL the first time i smoked piff i was high for like 2 days lol and that was the second time i smoked that shit hits hard
  8. Yeah well its a good thing my post had more words than that in it huh? Any drug dealer who laces weed and sells it at its regular price is more than retarded. Do you honestly think any dealer would try to lose money just to fuck with some random guy, which happens to be a customer... nope.

  9. Not true, they can lace it with say... crack then you get hooked on it and they bring you straight to the crack and then your hooked and they get your money.Although its rare, dont say NOBODY LACES WEED because it does happen
  10. ^ Yea he knows and someone already commented on that....

    Anyway, this kid is 12-13 or so, so this doesn't surprise me.

  11. You can NOT lace weed with crack. Sorry. And if you smoked crack, you'd fuckin know it.
  12. hahaha whenever i meet some kid that says his bag might be laced, i just tell him i'll trade him bags!
  13. lol:smoking::smoking:
  14. If you really think it never happens you're wrong. It's rare, and it doesn't sound like it's the case in this particular situation, but it does happen.
  15. Alrighty well you guys can continue to tell me people lace weed. I will continue to let you know that weed is only laced intentionally for people who want it laced, like the dealer himself. You can't lace weed with many drugs. The drugs that you can lace weed with are NOT cost effective.

    Let me clarify one more thing. You can lace weed with peanut butter if you want. That doesn't mean it will have the same effects as if you put it on your sandwich. Point being that you certainly could lace weed with drugs like crack, acid, etc... however those drugs will have none of their regular effects because the temperature used to smoke weed ruins those drugs. People may lace weed with things to make it heavier, or look better, but thats a totally different story from tripping balls on the shroom weed!

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