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  1. this happened a few days ago and i am not sure what is the problem. Any help would be great

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  2. Do you know the ph of the soil or run off water? What type of growing medium are you using?
  3. well where i am from i could not put my hands on a ph reader so i am not sure of the levels or the run off. the medium that i am using is soil,mixed with a little peat moss, this is its 11 week and it only now showed this.
  4. Are you feeding it any thing?

    Maybe a Ph issue with the soil/peat mix?
  5. well the only thing i feed them is a mixture of epsom salts and water and some nitrogen once a week. i feed them those mixtures on 2 different days tho.
  6. Try to find a more balanced nutrient line up to feed. Lots of folks use the Fox Farms I just use organic soil. Looks hungry to me with out knowing the ph.
  7. Thanks alot burntwood but i am from the caribbean and they dont sell any of those top of the line nutrients so im not sure what to use, and when u say it looks hungry what is the best thing to give it.
  8. well they dont have garden centers but they have conveniences stores where sell a variety of stuff, when i feed it nitrogen i usually just use urine cause i read its an good once u use a ratio of 1:15 but i have been using it for about 4 weeks so i wonder if it is letting me know it needs more. thanks for the other post it was a big help
  9. I think its a PH problem, order one off the internet if you have to. My last harvest was ruined because i didnt check the ph AFTER i added neuts to the water till it was too late, it was 6.5ph water before neuts, then i check a couple weeks later because my plant was hurting, and the ph after neuts was like 8 or 9. get that tester
  10. thanks alot but how i live in the caribbean if i order it over the internet it will take about 2-3 weeks i could still try and order it but any suggestions on what could i do in the mean time
  11. ok i ordered the ph soil tester and i tried to rush ship it so hopefully it will be here within a weeks time but is there anything i could do to help it within that time
  12. Looks like a nitrogen defiecency
  13. Try using a mixture to bat poop and water if you can get it. If not you can get nitrogen rich bird poop. If you are really desperate you could use alot of different sources for nutes. some which may not be to fun to use.

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