!!Plz help finding a piece!!!

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  1. i saw this beautiful black and white bong a year ago and been looking for it online ever since.
    I know for a fact that they are sold online, just can't seem to find it. someone told me he saw it on Dh gate but again I didn't managed to find it. I thought of posting it here and see maybe you guys could worded it differently or do something to find it. :) (In the photo it's the middle one)

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  2. Take this pic on your phone and show it to the people at the smoke shop you saw it at, I've had a lot of luck doing that sort of thing when I'm hunting. That is your best bet.

    Googling black bong and searching through thousands of them will not get you anywhere.
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  3. I just tried out a different one and it says there's no match

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