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  1. Reposting after transplanting my baby to a new medium for re-evaluation. Transplanted Sunday afternoon, havent watered since the transplant. Also moved my led panel up higher cuz a friend said it might be light burn. So...what do you guys think? Again any advice would be appreciated. For reference my temps sit around 75 to 77 degrees, humidity in the mid 50's. Temps were gettin a little to high with the warmer weather here in sac so i moved the fan to the top of tent to blow out exhaust, as a result the humidity has decreased.

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  2. Looking at the leaves I think you just need to give it a good watering just water no nutrients. Clones need low light, air, and high humidity. I've brought plants back from death with a good watering. Just my opinion.
  3. what is your pH looks like it's off
  4. Temps max out around 77 at the hottest, right now at 75 since adding exhaust, not sure about the ph, im getting a test kit today so ill get back to you on that. Just to note this clone was transplanted originally a few weeks ago so its not a new clone, i transplanted cuz i felt the soil was not aerated enough, plant was doin okay until i moved it into this tent under my 45watt(actual) led panel. Right now its in a mix of fox farm light warrior and some quality organic potting soil. Im thinkin of transplanting again into a fabric pot with an even bettet aerated medium with hydroton balls and all with tons of perlite and flushing with distilled water. Any other ideas or suggestions?
  5. I think it is your pH

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