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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jon_jon, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. This is my first time growing and it is around 35~40 days already
    and I have few questions to ask pros' for my 2 plants XD
    I got 2 plants the shorter one is around 55 CM, and the taller one is about 75 CM tall and it is kinda heavy at the top so I use some chopstick to hold its bottom as pix shown, so here comes my question should I cut out the very top leaves so it won't make it grow any taller coz i don't want it grow too tall either, is that ok to do it?? And another question is i have no clue wut kind of schedule I'm in for example when is my flowering time and what will be look like when it is rdy to flower?
    I put it near window to let sun shines it when I go to work at morning
    and light it when i back work.
    water every week w/ 20 20 20

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  2. close look

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  3. 2nd plant
    it is the same time i plant them, i have no idea why one is so tall and one is not so tall like first one

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  4. 2nd plant close up
    and i think both of them are female so which means i can't have seeds?

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  5. wat lighting are you using?
    if i was u i would put them into flowering like yesterday.
    and if i was u i would thim them and do you have a fan blowing on them lightly?
  6. thats a very orange wall :) yeah man some specifics. what typo lights? and when you put them into flower, sorry buddy, youre going to stretch some more. what size pots also? im pretty sure youre root bound, so a repot before flowering would be a good idea. oh yeah it could be possible the taller one is male
  7. to Jay:
    I used 3 40watts light bubs 2 cold lights and 1 warm light
    fan , yes ~~

    bigger one is almost 30 cm in diameter, smal one is like 22~23cm
    75 cm is still no tall enough?? repot for both of them? or just small one? I have check the picture of male, but i don't think mine look like a male..@@
    and yes thanks for answering my post^__^

    I just found out I already needed flowering><!!
    i just started flowering..anyway to make it flowering faster?
    by 14/ 10? or wut?
  8. its gotta be 12/12 i hear or its a no go and strait back to vegie state
  9. yeah their is no reason to try to force them to flower faster. a def. repot for both.
  10. HI jon.
    im a bit of a new be to inside growing but i think your plants are stretching to the light meaning not enough.
    that looks like a streched indica to me(i could be wrong it could be a cross).
    what are you planing to flower under(i hope not under those lights).
    laters jay.

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