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    Just got my seeds in today, definitely popping TGA's Plush Berry's and Bubba '76.

    Here is a run down on what I have now:

    • Standard size grow tent
    • 600w ballast and reflector (w/ HPS for flower and MH for veg)
    • Various fans
    • Fox Farms Happy Frog soil
    • Assorted pots and smart pots
    • A few thermometers
    • Seeds!
    • Fox Farms nutes for veg (probably won't use)
    • 6" inline fan (too big for tent holes, may get an adapter)
    • An extra grow room for 1 male and some females (going to take clones and use em to cross with plushberry's, sure to get a male from the pack)
    • Spray bottles for seedlings

    What I need to get:

    • Ingredients for soil, doing a modified super soil
    • Inline fan(s) 4"
    • Cloning supplies
    • Silica (probably from Dynagro)
    • Wireless thermometer w/ humidity reader
    • ONA gel and carbon filters (for flowering)
    • Water filter (may just go with Brita, need advice)
    • Water tank pump (to aerate my water)

    I'll start them in Happy Frog, when I get my sprouts I will put them in the sun when I wake up til I leave for work (~6 hours) and keep them under MH for the remaining 12 (running 18/6 the whole way through veg). Will transplant them into my super soil once they are able to handle the nutrients, and will use silica starting a week prior to the transplant.

    I'll take clones and put 1 male Plushberry with female clones of the rest (and a plushberry) in my other grow room, powered with cfl's. I'll probably buy Ace of Spades next and cross it with some plush, who knows.

    I'm worried about the viability of the Plushberry's, they look like they may not pop.

    So, any advice feel free to give it to me on things like starting supplies or additions to the regular super soil recipe. I'll post the full ingredient list here soon, but for now I just wanted to get the journal started.

    Here are some pics of what I have now:

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    Just started germinating them and got the tent set up, going to buy the inline fans this weekend probably, I'll be keeping it unzipped while the light is on anyways though.

    Here is what we are popping:
    (3) Plushberry's - TGA Subcool
    (1) Bubba '76 feminized - Emerald Triangle
    (1) Amnesia Auto Feminized - Dinafem

    Plan to clone the Plushberry's and the Bubba '76, plan to cross a Plushberry x Bubba '76 and a Plushberry x Plushberry.


    Changed the soil alot to lower the price and try something new, hopefully it works:

    • 2 Large Happy Frog soils
    • 1 Large bag of Ocean Forest potting soil
    • 80g potassium sulfate
    • 200g ancient forest alaska humus
    • 200g xtreme mycorrhizal granules
    • 200g azomite
    • 70g dolomite lime
    • 50g alfalfa meal (down to earth 2.5-1-1) < Make into aerated tea then spray on top of soil


    Note: This soil won't be used, will post recipe when its finalized and bought.

    • Picked 2 good base soils, 3 bags total
    • Potassium sulfate for p and sulfur
    • Various organic supplements to increase microbial activity and trace minerals
    • Dolomite lime to standardize PH
    • Alfalfa meal to be used with organic teas to correct defeciencies later on, so I will be feeding
  3. All had taproots so I decided to go ahead and plant them into soil cups with Happy Frog soil! Here are some pics:


  4. Alright got me some healthy sprouts! Temps are about 74f right now, pretty soon I'll be getting my inline outtake fan(s) and probably one of those more powerful HEPA filter fans/filters.

    I got me some soil cooking, its got:
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
    Fox Farms Happy Frog soil
    Fox Farms Bone meal (about 1.5 cups)
    Bat guano (about 1 cup)
    Earth Worm Castings (about 1 lb)
    Alfalfa hay (about 1 cup) also going to make this into a tea to spray on
    Kelp meal (about 1.3 cups)
    General Organics Ancient Alsaskan Forest Humus (about 4 cups)
    Green sand (about 1.5 cups)

    Hope to/will add:
    Some type of sulfur supplement
    Perlite and volcano rock

    Any suggestions on how long I should let it cook, or more ingredients? I'm also considering adding more soil so it won't be as hot, maybe some more Happy Frog or Light Warrior, or small bags of both.

    Click the pics to make 'em big enough to see well, just had a soil spill mid picture.
    Here are some pics:

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  5. Sorry I dont have any advice on your soil but good luck with the grow!
  6. Alright so here is an update.

    Plants look healthy, plushberry's are the 3 biggest and in the back row. Bubba '76 is on the front right and the Amnesia auto is on the right, its the smallest.

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  7. ive been seeing alot of people reporting herm isues with the PB, something to keep an eye on later down the road. they look nice and happy. good luck with the grow.
  8. [quote name='"jb5355"']ive been seeing alot of people reporting herm isues with the PB, something to keep an eye on later down the road. they look nice and happy. good luck with the grow.[/quote]

    I'll add some silica and keep the nutes low so I can minimize my risk, temps never reach the 80's so hopefully that helps too. Hopefully thats enough. Thanks man!

  9. Yo Man,

    You happy with those TGA Subcool Genetics so far? Looking forward to following your grow:smoking::bongin:
  10. So far I am, they're growing faster and larger than the other plants we have. I'll be transplanting soon too btw, should see explosive growth after that! Need to get some perlite and endomyco though
  11. So I added some perlite and got some Dyna-gro pro-tekt to increase my silicon levels. Transplanted and I also hit 'em with the pro-tekt foliar spray and in the watering, just followed the directions on dosage usage.

    Decided to give the bubba a day or 2 more until I transplant it, its small and I don't want to do it too early, although I do see hints of its roots at the bottom of the cup.

    Temps stay at about 70f with the tent open, I'll start closing it when I get an exhaust fan or 2 for it and maybe a new oscillating fan.

    Attachments wouldn't work, had to go with this. Let me know if you want a bigger pic, this is just veg so I figure no one really wants to see it, like kiddie porn.

    This is them the day after:
  12. Update, just realized they were on 20/4 so switched to 18/6 and they seem to be liking it. Autoflower already has female flowers showing!

    Pics are a few days old:



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    Mixing some soil for my 7 gallon smart pot transplant now, and the auto is looking nice! Took clones of the 4 in veg too, here is my auto:

    I think it looks pretty good! Its got like 30ish more days to go I'd say.

  14. Just gave the plants to my buddy though so he could take care of them and split the harvest with me.
  15. ...sup nerd! :D:wave:
    I'm pullin up a chair! :smoking:
  16. I need to post some updates, if I've got someone watching I need to show off lol

    Its a hassle getting the pics up, but I'll post some in a few bowls.
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    First 3 are the clones, then the fruit auto I recently planted, then the 3 big ones, then the auto that I've been sampling bottom branches from.

    One of the clones was a male, its not pictured but in its own tent.

    The light makes it hard to see, when we clean up some I'll be able to take them out and get better pictures.








  18. Wow,
    This is the best grow and journal I have ever seen.
    Be you tea full !
  19. What are you gonna do with le male
  20. [quote name='"Woodlock420"']What are you gonna do with le male[/quote]

    I'm crossing that with my 3 female clones, but I'm letting them stay under hps so they can get a bit bigger and better before its time to pollinate.

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