Plumbers/electricians/anyone! Tumble dryer question!

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  1. Hi all!

    I have been bought a tumble dryer but am a bit unsure what to do regarding setup.

    I have a unit with an external vent, as opposed to the ones with the trays you empty.

    My garage currently has nowhere to attach the extractor vent (cant even hang out a window and doesnt reach around the door).

    Can i have the extractor deposit into this tub and empty it when I need?


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  2. Dude, the vent is for exhaust. You need the exhaust to go out of your house, or you will die of CO poisoning..

    Is this gas, or electric? (I'm a plumber btw)..
  3. Hey dude

    This is an electric tumblr dryer. It is in my detached garage, so if i leave the door open is that okay? I for some reason thought the ventilation ducting was for moisture for some reason!
  4. lmao i think u just saved this guys LIFE lmaoo!! :O
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    If it's an electric you don't have to worry about CO poisoning. But you still need it vented outside because the mixture of water vapor and lint in the air can cause severe respiratory problems.

    Since you don't have an exhaust tube installed through your garage, you are going to need to get that done. Which means you are going to have to hire someone to do it, or hopefully you are good at cutting a 4" hole with a sawzall. If you can get the hole cut it's relatively simple running a ridgid exhaust tube through the wall. Then you just hook your flexible duct to it from the dryer. As far as the pan is concerned, that is usually put under washers in case of a leak or something. Anyways, there are handyman websites out there that can show you how to do this. You are probably also going to have to go to your nearest hardware store and get some ridgid venting stuff for it. Good luck. :smoke:
  6. Rebel, thankyou very much for your advice one again. I will get a quote to have a ventilation gap knocked out.
    I knew most setups have to have an extraction gap, but if i could have avoided it i would! Anyway now i know, so thankyou :D

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