Plumber Smelled the Pot

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pocket biscuits, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I was pretty much ready to offer him a toke it smelled so strong. I had to call him on short notice because the furnace broke today, January 29th, and I live in Wisconsin. (Yes, my plumber also works on the furnace here.)

    I had already woke n' baked by the time he arrived. But seeing as how he got paid $699.47 American he kindly ignored the weed. ;)
  2. I hate furnace problems... What did he end up replacing water pump?
  3. You mean woke n' toked?
  4. More like woke n' boke. :smoke:
  5. Yeah, I like woke n' boke better haha
  6. i think the guy replaced the fanbelt majigger thingy in the furnace, the part of the furnace the blows the heat through all the vents. The furnace was still making heat just not spreading it.
  7. More like boke & toke. Fuck yeah, you heard me.

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