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Plugging kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FredTheNunKing, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Alright I made a thread about snorting kief and someone said plug it?? I got 7 grams of kief and I'm actually wondering if you can plug it?? just put like 1/2 gram in a little bit of water, suck it up, and inject it into my ass?? would it work? I don't wanna waste 1/2 gram of kief
  2. idk but that sounds gay as fuck
  3. No. You'd have to make cananbutter first. Then you could try it? I remember a thread awhile ago about some guy who did that. Apparently it got him reeeeeeally high.
  4. Mighty Banhammer swings and misses.

    You're move.:cool:
  5. Just smoke it ffs.
  6. dude why would you do anything but just smoke it? lol does shoving it up your ass or snorting it sound any more enjoyable at all than smoking it? if so, then i say go for it good sir. otherwise, there still is no heat to activate the THC. however, acting as a suppository maybe it acts differently from an edible. again, i suggest just smoking it. a quarter of kief lasts a long time. a longgggg time.
  7. OP just smoke the kief.

    Why would u shove it up yer butt?
  8. My family's baby sitting 3 kids for the next day, can't smoke..
  9. And you chose this as an alternative? Seems like you're not too good at thinking on your feet.:cool:
  10. You need to burn it to release the chemicals. Or make oil/butter. Idk for sure though I can't say sticking things up my ass has ever appealed to me.
  11. Go outside. :confused:
  12. you really couldnt think of anything better? smoke outside
  13. #13 Felix vom Hof, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2011
    Or just's one day...
  14. But it's 7 grams of kief...

  15. Your**
  16. Indeed, fantastic observation skills.:cool:
  17. Wait 1 more day...?
  18. smoke outside?
  19. apparently eating it is 5-20% efficient and plugging it is 90-95%. thats why. but yeah you would have to make butter or somthing
  20. Why would you even wanna shove it up your ass ,just smoke it go outside or something lol. The kids aren't gonna get high from you smoking when their not around you even if you sat right next to them they won't.

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