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plucked the hairs off

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by papasmoke, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I got bored.

    Attached Files:

  2. Thats a hairbowl.

  3. hahahahaha did you smoke it? how'd it taste?
  4. I always thought about this, never thought i'd actually see it, nice.
  5. Haha did it get you high?
  6. I smoked it, it burns so fast. I felt like my head was unattached to my body.
  7. Haha wow I just may need to try this!
  8. I bet that got you ripped eh?
  9. The hairs don't even have much thc on them just so you know.. and by the way the hairs are called pistils. Whatever floats your boat though :smoke:
  10. looks like normal aussie bud to me
  11. The hairs taste like shit!
  12. I"ve done this before, it burns quick and is harsh. YOu would be better off leaving the hairs alone and plucking off the crystals. haha
  13. Ive done this before, but ive packed whole bowls of hairs, and bowl topped. It tastes interesting and got me super ripped.
  14. From what I understand, there isn't anything in the hairs that gets you high besides the crystals that fall off the buds and leaves. Cool idea, though. :smoking:
  15. When we were young a friend and I would always contemplate smoking just the hairs. Never did though, probably cause it would be pretty tedious for a small bowl.
  16. thats hilarious ive always wanted to try that shit hahaha
  17. Lol, would be cool if it got you ripped.
  18. I remember back about 4 years ago. I had this bud with extreme amounts of red fire hairs. I scavenged a quarter of all its hair and rolled a joint with about an 80/20 mix...

    Don't remember the outcome, just that there was that many hairs to roll a j.

    Good times.
  19. Damn tastey... I once spent like 2 hours pickin off enough hairs to make a full jay out of em... damn I was high as fuk when I started doing it and I was high as fuck when I finished the smoke ahhahahaa.

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