Pls Pls Pls, help me out. cant find the answer

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by oh-la-la, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Guys,
    Frist of all i did search already but for my ability i couldnt find the answer. Flaming on me is welcome as long as end up with the answer.
    Im really wanna grow some plants but i cant make a decesion which seed should i get. This is gonna be my frist time, so i want something that grow easy, fast flowering, good harvest with cheap price, i just dont wanna screw the expensive one up from my very frist time. I looked at and and they have tons of seed, so im very confusing now. If you could please recomend me it will help me make a faster decesion, just tell me what you think the best for me. Having an headache now:confused: ..... also paying by credit card is too risky?

    thanks guys
  2. honestly, your best bet is bag seed. It's inevitable, you will mess something up. Whether it be big or small, something will go wrong and it will be a learning experience. Get some fire bag seed so you know you'll get some good bud, and you can't get much cheaper. You know you'd be buying the sack anyways :D. Good luck growing.
  3. yeap growing bagseed 4 your first grow is really wise,,, you dot want to make a plant killing mistake on seeds you paid big dollar 4 ,,,, look up the grow room and journals, here youll get a general idea of what works and dont,,,, your ventilation and heat transfer will be your major concern,,,,then thiers the odor problem to be addressed later ,,good luck
  4. Thanks guys, bagseed it is. Where should i get them?
  5. bagseed? is that what you're asking. Just look for seeds when you buy a bag. Hence bag seed. lol

    Read anything and everything you can too
  6. Bagseed wouyld be good to start of with. But it's so hard to buy weed that has a seed in it. I've probably bought about a pound, till I found a seed. If you dont find seeds often I suggest Nirvana Seed Co. They have good strains for 25 bucks canadian for a pack of 10.

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