Pls help what is wrong with my baby?

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  1. Not sure if I am doing this right it is kind of confusing. I attached a pic of the issue. One of my seedlings leaves are turning white at the tips and it is also curling downwards.

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  2. over watered and under fed? leaves are looking pretty pale.
  3. Underfed as in not enough nutrients? Also it's weird that it would have been over watered because I always wait for the coco to dry before watering again and only water with a small spray bottle right around the plant.
  4. yes not enough nutrients is what I think, and I say under watered because the leaves are kinda drooping. Could also be over watering though lol. Try increasing nutes a bit at a time and see what happens.
  5. Well I will say this I have not used nutrients at all so that definitely is a problem but I just received my shipment so I can change that. I did just water today tho so should I wait to water til it dries up again or re water with nutes?
  6. I would wait a bit, as you might drown it if you over water it too much. next time you water add nutes, but only a small amount.
  7. Thank unfor the help man I will water with nutes when they are ready
  8. no problem, I hope your plant perks up.
  9. Thanks a lot!
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