Pls help is this male growth or am I worrying too much!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Frankiespencer, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. It looks like a fan leaf broke off and the plant healed itself. When boys present themselves it's all over the plant and it comes in quick, it's unmistakable. Good luck
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  2. Looks too early to worry..indoor or out? You can sex the plant pretty easily either way

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  3. thanks dan but I'm talking about the two pods aren't they meant to have hairs coming out of them I've had hermies in the past and getting overly worried I'm getting them again.. this plant and 1 other has no thc or smell to them week 6 flower..
  4. Thanks kanakai if this was female growth shouldn't it have hairs growing from out of the 2 pods or does it look normal to you
  5. On one hand yes it should have a hair however usually male pods have a visible little stalk between the plant and the ball so it sticks out

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  6. Ok so do you think there is a chance it could be a hermie/hermaphrodite?? And Thanks for replying
  7. I would give it a 12/12 light schedule for a week and see what happens..dont panic yet

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  8. I'm already in flower mate week 6 lol
  9. Lol well then..i would just hang on and wait don't pull until you are 100% sure

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  10. Does the growth look normal for we
    thanks kanakai I hope it isn't
  11. That doesn't at all look like signs of male flowers. I don't think those are premature female flowers, or mature ones either. I think at that node it's starting to sprout a new growing tip from either side. That would be why there isn't a white hair, I don't think it's a flower.

    You're in week 6 - and all the other buds look normal? If so, I'm going to say you're in good shape and overthinking it a little.
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  12. I hope it's normal fenario.. the buds are looking normal just lacking size, smell and thc.. just hope I am overthinking lol
  13. If it was a male you'd see distinct balls in the nodes. Even the premature flowers look like balls
  14. Thanks fenario I just thought because there isn't hairs growing out of the sack in the pic! i was thinking it could be male growth?
  15. Those are female calyx's. Yes they normally have pistils sticking out. They may have already receeded as these are older than the ones on your buds. No worries.

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  16. Yes it is mainly at the bottom half of the plant or wouldn't that matter lol
  17. It's a female!!!

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  18. IMG_2179.JPG IMG_2183.PNG IMG_2184.PNG IMG_2185.PNG Couple more pics not the best tho!
  19. You're good
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