Pls Critic my work

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by iamoni, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I visualized this image when I just toked and tried to create it in photoshop.
    Pls criticand leave ur comments.
    Tnx ^^ :hello:
  2. its cool man. whats with the weird polaroid and what looks like a tarantula? either way, i like it
  3. It looks like the nuclear bomb is ripping the image from the picture
  4. I think you're right CJR... cool.
  5. do you mind if i steal this picture for a poster? idk why i really like it, gritty, but detailed.
  6. Yep CJR was right ^^. the bomb ripped off the image from the pic...

    I got problems with making it look like paint or something liquid and glossy that flowed out of the pic

  7. No problem man... I shouldn't have reduced it's size cuz it was way more bigger when I was working on it.
    That way you should have a better picture / resolution of the pic for ur poster . Changing the perspective of the roadway made the picture gritty and didn't got to create the dusts effects I wanted but I was happy with my work..ehehhe

    So here ya go !! Steal it ^^

    Thanks for the appreciation guys..

  8. Actually it was a butterfly...Ahahahha yeah you're right.. when I was working on it I showed it to a friend and told me that I over distorted (can't find a term for it) that the original picture was barely recognizable..
    Thanks for the appreciation
  9. dude this pic is really fuckin cool
  10. I like it a lot. It has a nice deep thought to it.

    I think you should make that picture a clearer that it is a butterfly.

    I like the thought though. Nuclear bomb going off in a vast empty space. You dont really see it destroy anything. Then you see the burned up picture of the butterfly and it really hit me hard.
  11. Cool pic I wouldve like to see the mountains lit up slightly from the blast.

  12. and the paint down the road should be on fire:devious:
  13. Yeah you really need to put something up in those mountains/all that black area. The only time I looked at them was first glance at the picture, and then I get caught in a line (ironically theres the street divider) back and forth from the polaroid to the explosion.

    If you add something to the mountains/black area or at least lighten the area up you'll get that full circle most strive for and you won't be stuck in the center
  14. Listen to this song while you look at the picture!
    [ame=]YouTube - Mad World - Gary Jules[/ame]
  15. hiroshima all over again
  16. Ahahahhaa man.. so many comments !!

    I will definitely re-do this pic :D

    Hoe you'll like it too

  17. man I'm so stoned right now I didn't notice

    Hope ...>>> not hOe sorrry

  18. Yeah I also thought about that.. It could be the theme/ mood of the pic.
    I may alos do it funny/ serious or a scary feel

  19. WTF? :D I just blazed. this pic stocked me up for a couple of minutes or so..
    Anyway I can also create that "song" mood to the pic..Yeah maybeI can re-do the pic

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