plowing the snow and ?

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. i hate to say this but i just started my plow truck for winter snows and my wife hates the fact i still like to blow the drive way i have backed in to three cars and a truck and 4-5 trees broke about 7-or 8 mirrors so far and ran over a new bike a new gas cas the neighbers trash can and a 4ft high hedge! i had only hit about 4 ft of the hedge but thaught it would look bad with some of it gone so i finished the job and the other 15ft of it ! lol i plowed them fuckers out of the way ,i am thinking of painting them white so i enjoy it more!lol well she's a ford 150 with a 151 winser v8 60 thousand over with about 1500 miles on the rebilt eng ,she rocks ! and i love running over shit as well as plowing it the fuck out of my way,old man winter bring it the fuck on dude! i got like 35 joints in the ash tray and i am ready to fuck shit up!lol i realy want to get a biger truck but my wifes pist now!fuck the eight horse snow blower i got it couldnt eat a gallon paint can!lol and ive had to by them fucking shear pins by the case now!lol, but it works well at times i saw a feild mouse in the back yard about thin i tryed to run him over but got my wifes flowers before that little fucker got away!and yes i truely enjoy winter!lol my wife has my son moveing shit out of the way by 5 ft but think 10ft would be much safer!but whats a few feet to a mad blind stoner with a bad ass truck to have fun in!i hope it snows tonight even a 1/4 inch and i am off and runing for the door!and the best thing is my wife is working to night !lol ps if you right me a letter in the winter time it well take me a few weeks to get it ive ran over my own mail box more time than the state plow trucks has !lol have a fun winter, i well!tazz11
  2. I'm glad that mad blind snow plowers have some enjoyment out of life.
  3. Sounds like fun Tazz,I am Hoping for snow for you.Can I ride shotgun sometime?
  4. do you got life insurance! i got full coverish on the truck , i live for this shit , i tryed it with lsd and fell a sleep in my truck froze my nuts off ! but i got to tell you plowing a mile threw the fields and woods just to have fun! rocks! i hit snow bakes at 30miles an hr! and make buffs of snow 20ft high!i dont have a radio other than my red neck v8 eng getting off under the hood dude so shit ya my dog wont ride with me any more! i dont know why!lolbut you ll have to hang on tight i lowered the wheel size to 15's so i could get the most power! like i needed more!you should see it when the stream that run threw my land is froze over its the donut drag raceing spot of the hole farm!and ive only ran over about 40ft of finces!lol
  5. if it was any more fun i would move to alaska!lol come to think of it ,it is the most fun i have all year long!
  6. i get in i light a joint and start the truck i smoke all that sweet ass joint to the last hit as the truck warms up! thin i punch the gas and its like kicking a lion in the balls dudes! rock on!
  7. LMAO @ Tazz11. Sounds like winter is your time for fun!
  8. no snow yet but i am smileing and waiting!
  9. ps i want to paint the things ive hit on the plow like they did in ww2 !but the wife said paiting all the joints on there would take to long!lol
  10. Oi, the winter rules.
    I love getting out their and mixing it up. I would move to alaska in a beat if I thought I could make any money. I know that sounds small but I need the other green to live too. without snow I would die. I am so happy when that time comes. I break out the jeeps and tear it up. You go rain! rip that shit up if motherfuckers dont like it then leave them stuck till spring. I have been thinking of getting a plow for personal use and I think you just pushed me over the edge. Ill be out their next year fucking peoples stuff up for profit. Oi Oi Oi!
  11. we didnt get over two inches of snow so i got pist and started doing donuts in the feild till a frienddrove by and saw me and stoped he said i think your crazy man! can i ride along i said shit ya and we did about 150 donuts i burned $25 bucks in gas and didnt go 100 yrds away from my home! it fucking rocks dude! i had to stop he was getting sick man and i like a clean truck! i think he has never done donuts in reverse! if it cant spin for a 100 yrds sale it!i dont plow for money just fun!lol
  12. i cant wait each year i make a snow man and hit a run that fucker at 30 miles an hr!he splashes over the frount end and the plow! one year his head stayed togather an when over the cap by a few feet and landed in the feild and sat their till the next week when i saw it an ran it over!i did donuts around him till he knew it was comeing thin splot!lol

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