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plot preparation

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by botanist al, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. high again...
    wwat should i do to my plot in preparation to planting? We have chooks so im gonna get some chook shit and mix it into the soil for starters but should i drench the dirt just before planting and a bit before that should i put those water saving crystals in it? What about other stuff? This year i want a good harvest so im gonna try do everything right this time haha

    thanks dudes
  2. yea, you can water the soil first, thats usually a good idea, but basicly other than getting some decent soil there thats all thats needed...good luck growing!:)
  3. yeah ok thanks man good stuff. Anyone else with some handy tips...before or during growing i should do to the soil? i already adjust the pH levels and stuff maybe you have a secret u wanna share...?

    ps. hey moderators, when i post im not getting a email saying i had a reply...is this fixable? thanks guys
  4. well first of all we need to know what kind of soil u have?

    and where in the world u are growing that u can grow this year still?

    if u are preparing for next year...then its easy.

    first make sure every perenial is killed out.
    then rototil if possiable.
    then mulch with compost/mulch/marshay/anything organic but not too much pure shit...might be a bit too powerful the first year out of the ass.

    then wait till spring...and rototil again if possiable.

    then if u have too much sand...id put a few of those crystals in.

    other than that...ur good to go in the spring after the frost.

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