Ploom Vs Extreme Q

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by VaperVape, May 30, 2013.

  1. whats up guys

    i am in the market for a new vape and i have narrowed it down to pax by ploom vs the arizer extreme q.

    i know they are two completely different beasts as one is portable and one is not but here are my issues.

    i am leaning more toward the extreme q

    for one i heard arizer customer support sucks and this is bad if my vape ever goes bad. but i love how it does balloons.

    then there is pax by ploom which is beautiful. however i heard this unit has shit loads of problems but customer support is someone there.

    i really dont care about portabability. i had an mflb before and carrying batteries that die quick as fuck is not fun to me!

    please help me choose!
  2. anybody please! :)
  3. The EQ's bags aren't a fun experience. 3-4 minutes to fill one bag, 30 seconds to empty it.
    I love my EQ though, just not a fan of the bags.
  4. ploom. you wont be disappointed 
    There are TONS of people that have been disappointed with the Pax.   How can you possibly know that he/she won't be disappointed?
    To the OP...........if portable stealthiness is not at the top of your priority list, than between the two that you mentioned, get the Q.
  6. I love the EQ, although it seems like most of us tend to stop using the bags and prefer the whip, though. The bags are okay, but I prefer whip. I think if you're not concerned about easy portability you should go with the EQ. I haven't had to have any experience with customer support, but the EQ does have a nice warranty when bought from an outlet where it applies. It seems to be a durable unit (I've had it for about two years now, I think) and is consistently one of the most popular desktop units, especially for the price. I've had zero experience with the Pax, unfortunately.
  7. any other recommendations 
  8. If you really want to have the balloon system, then you have to go with the Q. If not, I would suggest the Da Buddha or SSV if you have some extra $$.
    And if you would rather go portable, the Solo is an excellent vape. 
  9. Love my Pax great for on the go.
    At the home from I have my LSV.. and will probably pic up a SSV soon enough.
  10. i heard ploom has the right to deny warranty based on what you use the ploom with. thats obviously no good. is this true
  11. I have never heard this but doesn't mean it isn't true. Also, if you keep it clean I am not sure they would be to tell what you are Vaping.

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