Ploom Pax vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by herpah, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Just received mine in the mail...cant wait to try it out.

    I will report back.
  2. At first I thought I wasn't getting hits, but I was dead wrong. You have to chief it like a cigar.

    Also, this thing is just awesome. Gets you ripped off one bowl. Great build quality.
  3. Pax is my first and last vape for a while. Worth every penny.
  4. Just got mine today. Love it.
  5. You all make me jealous.
  6. Got mine 3 days ago. Couldn't ask for anything more from a handheld vape
  7. wish i had the money for that thing. looks sick and have heard good things about it too.
  8. The best portable vape I've used. My Solo has been neglected since the Pax arrived.
  9. That's awesome I'm glad to hear there's a new kid on the handheld vaporizer block. I may have to pick one up after I pay my speeding ticket
  10. I'm just about set on dropping the cash for one of these. Based on the reviews it seems to be all I want in a portable vape
  11. ....the pax is a very serious contender..
  12. pax is boss
  13. truth
  14. Would you guys say this vape rivals desktops vapes (specifically the DBV, thinking of getting one) in functionality?
  15. I can't comment on this, but most reviewers admit the Solo delivers better vapor quality than the Pax, and I enjoy using glass stems over other materials; it reminds me of pulling from a bong, rather than some medical device. The build quality and reliability are also better on the Solo, although I must say the Pax looks pretty sexy in that Apple product kind of way.

    The Solo is also $100 cheaper.
  16. So I did end up getting one of these things, and it has blown me away. Its soo freaking convenient for use on the go. That said, if I have the time I still prefer my solo, because its a bit smoother. Still, the pax is an amazing little device. Very glad I purchased one

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