Pleasure to be hereeee. [includes a post about weed]

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    Yo guys, I'm new. Real glad to be here, and I'll post occasionally when I come across something I want to post in.

    I am not (unfortunately) an everyday kind of smoker of weed. But trust me, I would if it were easier.

    I live in a city in Ohio where Marijuana isn't all around, although it constantly is expanding city-wide. It's amazing how different life is up in Detroit...

    Most of my real hang-out friends don't smoke, but I do know people who do and stuff.

    But you know? Even though I'm able to talk to those certain people, it'd just be awkward going up to them and getting into that stuff, even though they're "hardcore smokers".

    I can be an outgoing person, but I can also be somewhat quiet or shyer around certain people, it's just kind of hard to explain.
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