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PleaseHelp With Drug Test In 2 Days, Will Go To Jail If I Fail!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shaundelamar, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I Got In Trouble With The Law And Had To Go To A 6 Week Drug Class. So Last Month I Got An Evaluation And Had To Fill Out Papers, Then She Told Me To Go To The Bathroom With A Cup And Piss In It. Once I Did That, She Put A OneStep Drug Scan Thing Into The Piss, Which Tested For 5 Differnt Types Of Drugs. I Smoked Like 12 Hours Prior To The Test, I Failed And Then She Said She Would Call Me In A Month Or So When My Classes Start.

    Anyways, I Got A Call Today And I Am Supposed To Go To The Place In 2 Days And I Don't Know If I Am Getting Drug Tested Again Or Just Going To Attend The Class That Night.

    I'm 5'9, Wieght 135 Pounds And I Have Been Smoking Everyday For The Last 4 Months. The Stuff I Smoke Are Ussualy Mid-Grade Weed And I Ussualy Smoke Around Atleast An 8th A Day.

    How Do I Pass? Am I Screwed? I Am Sort Of Nervous, I Don't Want To Fail My Drug Test And Get Thrown In Jail.

    I Was Thinking Of Using Someone Else's Piss, But All My Friends Pretty Much Smoke Weed And The Only Piss I Would Be Able To Get Would Be Piss From This Guy Who's Clean, But He Wouldn't Piss In A Cup For Me. So I Would Have To Scoop The Piss Out Of The Toilet Bowl. Would That Still Work?

    Any Other Suggestions Are Welcomed. Please Guy's I Don't Want To Loose My Freedom. I Know I Was Dumb For Smoking Still, But It's Hard For Me To Stop.
  2. go read the guide..... but IMO you're so blown. 2days to detox someone who smokes an 8th a day.... not good bro. also most tests nowadays check for pills like niacin and cranberry pills and shit.
    IDK why you smoked before a drug test in the first place.....
  3. Please, I Don't Want To Go To Jail. I Need Serious Advice, I Know I Fucked Up, But I Need Answers Right Now, Please.

    Will Fake Piss Scooped Out Of Toilet Work?
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    no. most tests from places also test for the temperature.
    I dont think you'll go to jail though.... thats a bit much. If you have 2days to try and detox, go out and buy non time released niacin and take like 2 and drink like a gallon(literally) of water that may work but im not sure because of all the weed you smoke
    good luck bro, I wasn't trying to like put you down or anything

    also, when was the last time you smoked?

    EDIT: dude classes dont throw you in jail for testing positive, they just extend the period of time that you have to be taking the classes....
  5. The real way to pass:

    Drink tons of water.

    Make sure you drink even more on the day of the test.

    The most important part is this:

    Take a piss an HOUR BEFORE YOUR TEST! Then drink enough water to be able to piss again for your test.
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    relax, county jail isnt that bad, very boring and bad food, thats about it. unless your going to prison.. thats another story

    you say you smoke about an 8th a day? and for 4 months? you got so much thc saved up in your fatty tissue i think it be impossible to clean it out in 2 days.

    my advice is if you do go to jail, wear a jacket, long socks, and jeans.

    i dont know all the circumstances with your situation, unless your looking at hard time, dont freak out. get a friend to pee in a zip-lock bag and tie it to your inner thigh, nasty right?

    also i heard Aspirin interferes with the ability of drug test, take 4 aspirin and a little ephedrine
  7. go to your local headshop & see if they carry this


    i've used it at least 4 times. Best way to do it is to activate the little heating pad, put the container of synthetic urine in the microwave for about 5 seconds, then rubber-band the heating pad to the containter. Then tape the container to the inside of your leg (i did it around my boxers so i didn't tape it directly to skin)

    works like a charm & only costs like 25 bucks
  8. Just in addition to what others are posting, be super careful how much water you drink. You can get what is called hyperhydration or water poisoning if you drink more than 2 gallons an hour. Otherwise drink as much as you can without hurting yourself. Good luck on the test!
  9. Dude did you REALLY Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In Both Of Your Posts?

    Anyways, there is no for sure way to pass. Your best bet is to get clean piss from somebody THAT YOU KNOW IS CLEAN.
  10. You know, I hate to say it dude, but you fucked up really bad. Why on earth would you smoke an 8th every day when you got in trouble with the law and had to go to drug-related classes for six weeks? No shit they're going to drug test you, did you expect anything less?

    Anyways, I'm not trying to be a dick; no matter how stupid of a situation you are in now, me telling you that you fucked up won't help much, so I'll offer some advice.

    Since THC is fat-soluble, and you have a low level of fat, you might be able to get away with a 2-3 week flush. Keep a consistent stream of water-soluble antioxidants in your blood (Vitamin C works great, just make sure you adjust your water intake accordingly) and run 1-2 miles twice a day. This is probably the most important thing you can do because it will help your body burn away all of the metabolites in your fat, rather than recycling them. Water will do nothing without excersize; remember, THC is fat-soluble. Burning off excess fats while keeping your muscles properly hydrated is, as far as I see, the only 100% successful way to get any trace metabolites out of your system. It does take some time though.

    Since you have two days, the only thing to do is to fake a piss test, or have a homie pee in a bottle for you. Who cares if they think the urine is fake? At least that'll buy you some time to clean your system out , so that if they ask you to re-take it a couple days/week(s) later, you'll be ready to pass.
  11. Easy, get in you car and drive around find some dumb teenager sto piss in the cup for you for 10 bucks, save and use that.
  12. i dunno bro, were i live most teenagers smoke weed haha
  13. Dont Type Like A Mornon Please. It Is Really Anoyying.
    you are prety much fucked. goodluck
  14. Well once I bunned a nice blunt before school with a friend and he got booked for smelling like weed. He got suspended, so anyways he told his mom he didnt burn and that he should take a piss test. He took someone elses piss in a nestea bottle and passed. He showed the school the results and they had to take his suspension away.

    Moral of the story: Try to smuggle in someone elses piss!
  15. i had to go to drug class and they didnt test you every class. Testing each class would be expensive i think its like 40 dollars a test. I smoked weed a week before my test and im the exact body weight and height as you and passed. You would be best off to have someone pee in a ziplock bag (use 2) duct tape it under your arm pit and use that. Keep it close to your body or else they will know that your piss is cold and you used fake urine. You wont go to jail just say u smoked like TONS of chronic before you got caught and say it still must be in my system. drug classes aren't to bad either you just sit there and learn a lot of stuff about drugs i thought it was pretty interesting. you could also try one of the detoxing drinks that are suppose to clean your system out. You just have to drink it 4 hours before the test even my teacher in drug class say they work but are expensive. Good luck man i know what its like to fuck up.
  16. Maybe... someone elses piss + a couple hand warmers to keep it warm.
  17. Lo-fucking-L

    Didn't even catch that.
  18. its 17 a test for the ones that dont take temp. not sure about the ones with the temp tho.

    And dont bag on him for the caps before his sentences, theirs some browsers that are gay like that and do that shit.
  19. Just calm down bud it will be ok. For tonight, take some aspirin(to relieve the terrible flush) and take a few Niacin pills. 1000mg is the dose I usually do. Drink tons of water, this will dilute your sample and help with that said terrible Niacin flush. Sit in a sauna or hot tub or something when you take it, sweat it out bro. On the day of the test, drink at least 2 liters of water 1 1/2 hours before the test. Piss right before you leave, make sure you drank enough that you will be able to pee again for them. Drink a rockstar, it will make your pee yellow despite the fact it is very diluted from the water. When I lived at home my mom once brought home a surprise test, and I said I did not have to fo right then. Drank a gallon of water and gave her a sample a few hours later(after peeing one time first!!!) and it came out clean. Just relax my brother, you are going to pass if you follow these directions carefully.

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