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  1. Hello,

    I made a mistake reading labels on my nutes and didn't add any cal mag last soup change. It got 700ppm of RO, sensi a/b, silica blast, aqua shield, and flora micro. None of which list magnesium. Please take a look at the photos and tell me if you see any other obvious issues. She is getting a ph'd flush right now :(

    Panicked- thanks in advance!

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  2. Check the run-off ph of the root-zone and let us know the results?
  3. 5.8.... everything is stable temp wise. 75 room 68 res. DWC

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  4. Few more photos- V'd leaves, odd spots :(

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  5. She did drink 4 of my 6 gallons in 5 days also, but my res is pretty shallow and roots look great... main root ball was submerged.

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  6. was your ph stable before the flush. the sensi should have everything you need in it from what i saw at their website.
  7. The ph perfect actually contains no micros.[​IMG]
  8. And yes, ph was 5.7. Sensi ph perfect does a remarkable job stabilizing ph.

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  9. seems like you need some bloom nutes. i use GH grow micro bloom and the bloom has the highest percentage of magnesium
  10. @[member="Ladas"], you listen to my little Bud and he'll do ya right.
  11. My problems continue to compound. Ph is 5.8. Can anyone tell me if this is just overflow from my previous problem or is something new wrong. Tds is 700, with sensi a and b, aqua shield, Cal mag, and flora micro.

  12. Pics

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  13. More pics. Just had a shop verify my water conditions.

    Hydro, 5 gal RO. Ph 5.8. Tds at temp 73, nutes mentioned above... RH low at 20%, have wet towels hanging in room.
  14. Yea, it Ca showing now, but still just an extension of the previous issue, in other words, a plant getting a bit worse before it gets better. If you're sure of the root-zone ph she'll start improving soon.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I drained one gallon, added fresh ph'd ro and brought ppm up to 700 (from 620) with Cal mag(2 teaspoons). Hope that takes care of her. I will update the thread for others reference as it gets better(hopefully!).
  16. If you'll foliage feed your girls with full strength nutes per gallon of water, at lights out, and make sure the spray contains Mg and Ca, you'll see faster improvement. Don't expect the brown spots to disappear.
  17. That's a great idea ! Is there any way to correct the yellowing? Or maybe another visual sign that things are improving?

  18. Really damage leafs will not recover, but since Mg is mobile, leaks that are not to effected should recover. Get er done!

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