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  1. I dont understand humidity, at all. All my seedlings keep on dying after the frist week im not over watering. So the only thing i can come up with is my humidity isnt working out? I have no cluse what my humidity is. But I hear that you need 80% of humidity during seedling stage? And i hear to higher your humidity that you need to put a bucket of water infront of your fan or get a humiditifyier. Well If high humidity is suppose to be hot and dry how does water in the grow room help to make it dry? shouldnt that lower humidity? can someone PLEASEEEE explain to me how humidity works? ive tired to google it but no answers. And can someone please tell me what levels of huimidity are needed for seedling stage veg stage and flowering stage thank you. Im begging someone im going bonkers :) if i get a fast enough answer Ill probally run to walmart real quick and get a humidity reader. Thanks gc!!!
  2. bump please :) someone please help a brotha out. Is high humidity at lets say 70% is that dry or wet? I really dont understand humidity at all.
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    First of all get yourself a digital thermometer that also shows you what the relative humidity is in your room. I just had to pick up a new one because I soaked my last one, it was $5 at Home Depot. Humidifiers are really cheap and I suggest you use one during both germination and vegging. You should be able to pick one up for under $30 also from home depot.

    Have you considered starting from clones? do you know anyone in your area that sells them? Personally I dont have the patience to fuck around with seeds and I find clones are cheaper than seeds and you dont have to worry about whats going to germinate or not.

    I maintain humidity at around 50-70% during vegging and at around 40 for flowering.

    Msg me if you need anything else. Good luck
  4. the higher the humidity percentage% is the more water to air mixture there is in that area
    i wouldn't have a clue why your seedlings are dying
    as your information ain't enough to answer your problem
    how are you germinating the seeds ?
    what soil are you using ?
    what light setup are you using ?
    what's the temperature ?
    what's the humidity ?
    filtered water or ?
    are you using nutes whilst germinating ?
    how much light are they getting ?
    24 light on / 0 light off
    22 light on / 2 light off
    the list goes on but these are what your questions should be revoled around

    to my opinion and knowledge
    germinating - DO NOT USE NUTE'S YET
    don't use paper towl's use kitchen cleaning cloths (thin sponge)
    wet cloth placing seeds on 1 half then fold in half only once (dont be complicating)
    place on a plate then in to a plastic bag fold the plastic bag (dont tie a knot)
    seed should crack with in 72 hours but moisten every 12-24 hours
    once root is visible around 1cm - 2cm long it is time to plant them into rockwool cubes
    moisten rockwool cubes every 12 hours (don't drench them though)
    cubes should be placed at least a foot from the light source (use flouro's)
    for the first 2-3 weeks have your lights on continuously 24 hours 7 days a week
    this prevents them from stretching plus it will grow bushy (good start for healthy plants)
    now start using nutes but only half strength (clearly read instructions)
    nute the plants every second watering cycle
    ie . nuted mix / pure water / nuted mix / pure water so on.....
    remember plants need fresh air not stale air it lives off Co2
    think of it as fire take 1 element away from fire and it will die
    same thing to a plant it breathes Co2 to create oxygen
    but here is a trick i learnt in vietnam you can try if fresh air ain't available hahaha
    5 - 10 litres of white vinegar
    1 - 3 kg's of baking soda
    to create Co2 you need to put 1 - 3 kg's baking soda in a large storage bin
    (55 litres is good)
    hang the vinegar over the storage bin piercing a very little hole in the vinegar bottle
    try and achieve a 5 to 10 second drip if possible
    there you go CO2:hello:
  5. well I have a fan blowing on them. and my humidity is at 60% during seedling is that ok?

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