PLEASE. What is wrong with my plants?

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  1. Alright so I posted here a few weeks back, same issues. I'm growing these in soil, Ocean Forest, and recently repotted them and flushed them out a little after. Two plants seem to have the random browning leaves, and then a few where the ends are just drying out. One of them almost all the leaves are drooping, getting spots, random yellowing, some even curling up a little.

    I've fertilized with some Alaska Fish Pellets 6-4-6, recommended indoor feeding on the bag. Currently under 20k lumens of CFLs, fan running, getting fresh air. I've used some MG for extra N but only a small amount maybe 1/2 dose a couple days over the last few weeks.

    Do you guys suspect that they are all just overall starved of nutes or is this something specific?


  2. I'm suspecting it's a combination of not enough light, not having enough airation in the soil(perlite or something) and maybe even that food witch i know absolutely nothing about.
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  3. How many lumens per plant?? Cause really the forming nodes look pretty darn nice except for the real droopy one. I mixed a kind of mulch into the soil to help leave spots of airation, as a buddy says he does that and thinks it helps.
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    I think your soil is pretty hot. I can't tell 100% your tips looked burned. Also with your soil, I don't think you should of added anything even more mg to it. Mg has a bad rep with cannabis as its too hot and uses time release nutes.

    I honestly think you have a few issues I am not 100% also the nuts you are using most of the time stuff they recommend is very hot, so people tone it down say use 1/4 - 1/2 of what is recommended. I wait for others to chime in, but that looks like that to me. It looks like you have some N toxic as well. See how weird your tips are and dark green your leaves are?

    Also what is your water source? And what's the ph that you are feeding them?

    I normally don't recommend a flush, but if you are in veg mode just my two cents, I would do another pot and transplant it. I say that because you already added mg(time release) so I don't think flushing is going to fully help. I would set up more ocean soil if you still have, no nuts. Transplant feed with plain oh (6.5) water and let them heal.

    Think you smothered it with love :p
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  5. Looks like overwatering and too hot of soil. Ocean Forest is notoriously hot. Most people cut it in half with some fox farms Light Warrior for early stages of growth. The fact that you added more nutes to an already hot soil isnt helping. If those were my plants I would just give straight water for a while and see what happens. Just my opinion. Good luck!
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  6. Definitely too much N. Im using something similiar, a 2-1-2 formula with a mix of ocean forest and happy frog. It looks more like overwatering too me tho? How often you giving the girls water
  7. I water only when the soil is mostly dry, at minimum and inch down. Using distilled water only, and the MG i put in was minute at best, I don't like using it but it's what I had. I also repotted them 3 days ago after flushing them in the old pots.
  8. Do you have a recommendation for nutes I should use? I flushed it on Saturday before repotting, wouldn't it shock them too much to do it again? Or just wait til the soil is really dry? And when should I re-nute if I do flush?

    Sorry for all the questions haha
  9. What was the mg you used? And if you wanted to get out cheap look up "kiss method" seen people had good results with that. They use maxibloom the full grow. I use GH flora, that's more pricey.
  10. Miracid... So it must be a pH problem then. Fuhhhh
  11. I think it's a bit more then that heh. Soil is a buffer so it's normally not a very big issue in soul (I still always ph before I fed.). I think it's more that you threw a lot of stuff at your plant bud. If your able to I make another pot with some soil and put it in there. Don't add mg any more, she's very stressed. I don't think the transplant would kill her, but if you added mg(with time release nutes) plus your other fert, I think you got very hot soil.

    You gotta lay off the heavy feeding like that. Less is better.

    If you don't want to transplant then feed normal plain ph water(when needed). Your plant looks over watered as well, gotta be careful on that. But if you do transplant (let it dry up before you do I would not transplant while that stresses.) add perlite to your soil. Mix 20-30% perlite, the will help with draining and over watering issues.
  12. Definitely transplant into a new pot and mix soil with at least 30% perlite for better drainage. I just use basic potting soil, nothing name brand with time release nutrients. I would also recommend General Hydroponics nutrients, but you should probably just give your plants nothing but water for a bit so they can recover from nute burning.
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  13. Whatever nutrients you use, don't use time release ones, and only use 25-50% of the recommended dosage. Cannabis doesn't require nearly as much nutrients as other plants.

    Also, I know CFL bulbs don't get very hot at all, but if the tips of your leaves get too close they can still burn. Looked like you had those bulbs pretty damn close in a couple of those pictures! Ha
  14. Responding to both of ya'll. I adjust them all day long and try and be very careful with the bulbs after my first CFL grow, I hear ya though. They're pushing two feet and given space I want to start flowering them about now as I know they stretch, do you think I just should wait a couple days for the soil to dry, repot, then start flowering?
  15. This is so important for container grows. People don't say it enough, QFT :bongin:
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  16. Hi i agree wi everything already said. Perlite defo... dont flower until she as recovered and ya no she healthy otherwise it piontless. Gud luck xxx
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  17. Alright repotting today and adding perlite. Gonna pickup some Dr. Earth low N and just wait and see when nutes are required again, how long would you all reckon?

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