Please vote yes on Noveber 2006 to legalize 1oz of grass for all adults in Nevada....

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, May 13, 2006.

  1. thats right "legal"

    if you don't believe me read in their nevada news archive.

    Better yet, if you can spread word of the upcoming ballot on a small peice of paper complete with a few facts like marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and also that tax revenues can be used to improve nevada's economy. You may want to get some facts from the flier located at the following link

    A photocopier and/or a paper cutter available at any kinko's or office max would be helful and inexpensive.

    Thanks in advance for your efforts!:hello:

    If you need motivation just imagine.....pot cafes in Vegas, Reno and Carson City

    May the PHOTOcoprier be with you!!!

    (pun intended)

  2. :eek: Hell yeah I'ma vote yes so I can do it finally! Cop an ounce of bud and smoke out while picking up fine bitches in Las Vegas! :cool:
  3. that is so awesome.....

    easy money bar flys, legal pot, and cabbies to do the designated drivin....

    just like amsterdam just without the freezin weather and funky languages:smoke:
  4. Wow and nevada used to be super harsh with marijuana laws.

  5. I know....

    they used to be more lenient with child rapists then pot smokers
  6. Nevada has some pretty lax laws right now.
    It has been on the ballot before, but has failed.

    Lets hope it passes this time...
    Vegas has Beer, Hookers, Party's Galore, why not a little pot?:)
  7. Step in the right direction. Yay for Nevada, hope it gets passed. When a whole state passes it (not just a city, ahem, Denver) it's really going to get some big time legislation moving. This could be the begining of the steam roller (hahahhaa) and the Feds will obviously have to take a look at marijuana again. It may not be favorable, at first, but DEFINATELY a step in the right direction.

    Now, just like it was stated earlier, I know it's been on the ballot before, so we'll see.

  8. I'm still waiting for NY to get busy..
  9. i take it if i dont live in nevada i cant go down there and vote right?

    cause if i could i would
  10. i beleive you have to be a registered citezen for a month of nevada before voting.

    what day does voting take place?
  11. he is right you have to register as a nevada resident a month before poll time.

    I don't think the poll date is set yet.

    I'll try to remember topost it when I find out:hello:
  12. Dont mean to sound pessimistic(sp?). But it most likely will fail. There are more against it than for it.

    "...There are things of such great beauty--that they will not fit through the puny human doors of perception."
    -Stephen King
  13. i herd about this on the radio the other day. so far according to polls its 70% opposed. not only that but they were saying even if it does pass its not goign to do anything since its a FEDERAL law. thats like some states can decriminalize (mass currently being one of them) so its less of an offence to posses whatever amount they use.

    so unless the supreme judge passes it in th senate it wont happen. pot will never be legal again. ive come to face that fact. fucking government and these fucked up laws.
  14. dont be such a negative nancy....but yeah i'd agree
  15. i dont mean it to be negative... im just sayin how it is. i hate it just as much as u guys.
  16. oh bull,

    alaska had poss. legal for about thirty years..

  17. yeah but thats alaska.. who care about them... they are yukon territory up with them canadians. the government doesnt care about them anymore... lol jk all u guys from alaska.
  18. thanks to republican frank m, the gov of alask and the republican majority in the house and senate that supported him weed is now against the law period in alaka
  19. Don't give up on the legalization yet guys, I bet if we had some LEGAL marches where everyone banded together we can get some points across. All we need is a few politicians or high government officials to be stoners or support the legalization and for them to convince others. It's not hard, all it takes is one person, or dedication.

    ok maybe i'm a little too stoned right now, because is it just me or did that sound really lame lol.
  20. O man and my aunt and uncle live in Reno.

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