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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by William Munny, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,
    The election is gearing up and Donald Trump has made reference to the 28 redacted pages form the 9/11 report and in doing so has revamped the discussion surrounding the 9/11 conspiracy. Now is the time to call your congressman or congresswoman and tell them to cosponsor Senate Bill 1471, which pressures the president to declassify a 28-page finding on foreign government support of the 9/11 hijackers.

    I like so many other American citizens want to know what really happened on 9/11 and the events leading up to that day. If you support freedom of information and government transparency then please call or write your congressman/woman on this issue. Thanks
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  2. Trump thinks it's Saudi Arabia to blame instead of Iraq that's why he wants the pages released

    " It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay. But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center, ‘cuz they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out."
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  3. It ain't rocket science.

    9/11 was financed by Saudis, masterminded by a Saudi (Bin Laden) and carried out by Saudis (15 of the hijackers were Saudis).

    By invading Iraq and hanging Saddam the US government/military created an environment where ISIS/al Qaeda/Saudis could prosper.

    It's disgusting to think of the suffering and misery that Bush/Obama have inflicted upon the people pf the Middle East.

    Both should be hung, drawn and quartered.

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    Vote Trump
  4. Honestly, when I see people like you leaving troll posts all over the place you make me want to vote lying Ted Cruz or just not vote. But I forgive you, even though you hurt the Trump cause more than help.
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  5. geez your research..pakistani intelligence officers wired money to the hijackers..and there was only 13 supposed hijackers (i dont believe this though since 4 of the 13 are still alive) and they were not all saudi..there was egyptians jordianians and a couple saudis..

    as for bin ladin..yes he was involved..he was a cia asset during the russian invasion of afganistian and helped form al-quada which is a US covertly backed group..that is used for psyops missions..
  6. i do agree however that they should be punished for war crimes
  7. Geez dude... do your research. ..

    15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis

    Hijackers in the September 11 attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  8. I just want to know how much Mossad knew.
  9. About as much as those chumps in the CIA.

    The mossad myth is over hyped, they have in recent years shown themselves to be nothing but another gang of bumbling buffoons.

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    Well, most of the international community knew something was coming and even warned the U.S.. I'm not saying they perpetrated it but they definitely knew something.

    I need to find the the other pages of the report I have saved.
  12. Oh I have no doubt that the Israeli government/Mossad are capable of involvement in an attack on the US.

    I just don't see a smoking gun.

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  13. Idk about 9/11 but the Saudis are playing both sides. They are not our friends
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