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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Spec*, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. i know people are going to get mad at me for not reading other threads but imma write this thread anyways......
    i have a little list of questions that i wuld appreciate if some 1 answered..
    1.are da baggie seeds good to grow?
    2.are the seeds good if they are white or black..(i see alot of black ones) do i get started? like i get a pot and some good ass soil?
    4.does it take long for the plant to grow? i heard sea of green method is the best...
    basically im asking for a step-by-step guide for making some good weed man....i wanna know the exact type of soil i need and other stuff....
    i wanna grow outside but like i want a little plant like 3-4 feet high so i can grab a lil here and there..or inside is a better method of growing(i heard it was....)
    please help..tyty:hello::hello::hello::hello:
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  2. Maybe not mad but certainly annoyed. I'm glad to help folks who help themselves. Read up first, everything you are asking is already here, and then when you have more specific questions you will get more helpful answers.
  3. i agree with toasty do some research buddy. good luck

  4. This is the only way a true Blade or Bladie should answer a "dumb" question!:hello: :D :smoking:

    If a question or post pisses you off, you don't have to answer!! So much more friendly!!

    If you've been here much at all you can tell before you ever even read a post if it is a new Blade or just a Dumbass O.F.F. like me!:D :smoking:

    Spec*............Welcome to Grass City!:hello:

    Go to any post by the member named unoit, click on the MJ growing link, Good Luck on your grow!:smoking: :smoking:

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