please tell me what plant this is (pics)

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  1. its not a cannabis plant i know that but i wanna know what plant it is please tell me

    it might be a baby sun flower not sure

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    A lot of plants have that identical structure within days of them sprouting, a set of cotyledons and their first true leaf set.

    I was going to go with tomato plant, but the cotyledons look a little too large and rounded.

    Not quite sure.. what is the origin of the seed?

    By the way, this is what a baby sunflower seed looks like, as you can see the cotyledons are too big on the sunflower seedling to match your plant.

    Close, but no cigar :smoke:

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  3. yeah it is big maybe thats coz am experimenting its growing under a 400w HPS along with my weed lol yes its big its huge considering i only planted it last weekend guess i'll just have to wait and see

    oooo the seed it came from looked like a sun flower seed not sure if theres any other seed that looks like a sun flower seed the seed was black with white strips
  4. maybe a type of watermelon? i have some started that look similar to that
  5. It's always fun to just wait and see.
  6. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! water melon how the hell do i look after 1 of them ooh shit
  7. Go plant it outside and just wait to see what it is. It would be sweet to have a watermelon or sunflower plant.
  8. yea what eat peaches said plant it when its mature enough to be outside. See what it is, who knows a couple of months from now you could have lots of watermelons, but they take a shit ton of water FYI. If you do get WM then cut a hole in the top and fill with vodka, eat the melon and get messed up!
  9. is'nt water melon a tropical plant surely it cant grow out side am from the uk our weather is strange its hot and cold all the time it might die out there
  10. im in colorado and grow them every summer
  11. colarado is a hot place aint it? we in sort of mid spring

    mystery seeds are always good you get a surprise every time i cant wait to see what it is the anticipation is killing me :hello:
  12. it can be in the summer 80's 90's and some 100's but the complete opposite during the winter some days we can get all four seasons in one day, keeps it interesting.
  13. Michigan and Colorado are about the same. If not Michigan is colder and we grow Watermelons too.
  14. heres a recent photo of the mystery plant its getting BIG now alot bigger than my weed does anybody have any ideas what it is????

    theres a close up of the leaf that might help you work it out

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  15. Definately not a watermelon.
  16. hmmmm this is getting interesting what ever it is i just hope it likes HPS grow lights cos thats what its under am gonna look after it and since i have space in my grow room why not
  17. this page is now saved so i will be up dating the photos every week or so just in case your on the edge of your seat to find out what it is too i know i am
  18. hi this is what my plant looks like now still not sure what it is also I've just germinated some more seeds of the same type so i should get the same plants again am wondering if their ready plant yet all 8 have roots now

    think am getting addicted to growing plants now i love it

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  19. check my latest photos i just posted them the seeds am just about to plant are the same seeds that gave me the mystery plant

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