Please tell me this is not a male

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by JASONs, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. is this a MALE?????


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  2. male

    Sorry mate
  3. that's very unfortunate
  4. My condolence..
  5. it was a sad thing cutting it down after all this time raising him lol
  6. Too late now, but an isolation chamber and saving the pollen is always an option if it's a good strain for later breeding and crossing if that's something you're interested in doing someday. I don't remember exactly though, was it just some random bag seed and you're 1st time growing it? Something to think about if you ever have males in the future. I wouldn't waste my time if you don't know much about it though.

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  7. How is this in Advanced growing techniques lol

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  8. thank you kill set I appreciate all the info and comments you've provided here on GC, you've actually helped me out a bit on my current grows. That plant was bag seed but it's suppose to be blue dreams and yes first time growing. After this plant showed male, I examined the rest of my crop and seen maturity level growth so today I changed the light cycle so I'll know the rests sex. Hopefully they're at least one or two females out of all these plants.
  9. I needed an advanced growers help since I'm fairly new to cultivating!
  10. Definitely male bro.

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  11. yup that one has been pulled! Had two of those going! Its female luckily!

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