Please tell me some of you 90s kids remember this too...

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  1. [ame=]Reboot Season 3 recap musical - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Reboot was the shit, its one of my few tv shows i have listed as faves on facebook haha
  3. i never really cared for reboot. i watched it, never knew what in the fuck i was watching, but i watched it.
  4. Great show.
  5. Eh, I wasn't a fan. I did like that Bump in the Night show.. it came on right after Reboot, so I would oftentimes watch reboot while I waited
  6. I watched the show, not religiously though. It was definitely one of the shows I'd watch while waiting for something else..
  7. Yeah I watched it sometimes as a kid, it actually scared me sometimes lol I wasn't the biggest fan.

    Been watching some episodes on teletoon retro lately however and it's legit.
  8. [ame=]ReBoot - Megabyte Guitar Duel - YouTube[/ame]

  9. I always hated reboot, changed the channel soon as it came on.....
    now THIS is a 90s show!

  10. Dark wing duck anyone?

  11. That show was great too. I miss those 90s everyday...
  12. Me too, good times had.. I feel bad for future generations, though I wish I had been raised in the 70s
  13. [quote name='"SwichOne"']I always hated reboot, changed the channel soon as it came on.....
    now THIS is a 90s show!


    That was the best show ever when I was a kid!
  14. Anyone remember this when they were a kid?

    [ame=]Legends of the Hidden Temple - Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]
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    I think the 90's was the last decade for kids to have any good shit at all. It seems like all kids do now is watch spongebob and play modern warfare.
  16. Was more of a Duck tales guy myself, but I loved reboot too. I have the DVD boxset , but I basically collect all the shit I used to watch on DVD. Btw hidden temple was awesome too! I loved Get the Picture, Doug, Are you afraid of the dark, Eerie Indiana, thunder cats, etc...
  17. Thundercats is whats up. Ive got the first part of the first season on DVD.
  18. Can anybody think of anything good cartoons that came out since the 90s or are cartoons dead now?

  19. I will admit that I find joy in some spongebob. Also, family guy is fuckin hilarious. Pretty rare to find good ones though I guess these days.

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