Please tell me if my dealer is being sketchy or Im just paranoid

Discussion in 'General' started by lovezeppelin, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Soo last night, I did dabs for the first time at my dealers house. She moved into a new house and I bought an ounce from her and got really fucking high. An hour later, the doorbell rings. She tells me it's Jake from my work. Well I was too high to comprehend this and never "saw" Jake although my friend did. She said he was in the kitchen buying weed. Well this morning, I woke up and my friend was telling me about how Jake came over. I called Jake who said he was never there. 
    I was super high and when "Jake" was over told my dealer I was too high to drive with this shit so gave it back to her to pick up later. In reality I was super paranoid thinking there was a cop waiting to bust me. 
    My dealer didn't smoke but her boyfriend did. They also have two children who were playing in the playroom who were around so it couldn't be an undercover with kids there could it? 
    Am I just being paranoid or is this sketchy? 

  2. I'm so confused right now. 
  3. Just ask them, and not if her bf was smoking and her kids were there
  4. Stop making this more confusing than it already is.
  5. This thread blew my mind lmao wut
  6. What do you think?

    Do you even realize what you're saying? They're not going to do an elaborate setup just to bust a frickin' smoker.
  7. OP's weed was laced with nonsense.
  8. from the hard-to-read post of yours , you're fine dude chill the fuck out and enjoy your dabs
    must be some good as shit homes, u b trippin :D
  9. maybe it was a different jake
  10. if you found that confusing you must struggle with simple tasks.
  11. Guys, I figured it out!
    It was the chicks lover, who she called "Jake" not to raise suspicions while u were getting baked with her boyfriend...

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  12. Your dealer was just doing shit they didn't want you filled in on......or not. Not really your business or concern.  Not really sketchy. 
  13. Seems pretty simple

    Maybe jake thought you were gunna ask him to smoke you out, so he said he wasnt there at all implying he has bought no weed and therefore cannot smoke you out
  14. To answer your question, you are just overly paranoid.
  15. Damn brah, get me some of that, ive never been that high
  16. like I always say in threads like these, 
  17. It would be funny if you ask your dealer about the whole Jake thing, and she says "Who's Jake?"
    Jake's a state of mind, man...
    Nailed it. I'm out of likes so I have to quote you.
  19. OP you are insane in the membrane 

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