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  1. As a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party, I thought this might be the best place to get the word out! Please read, and if you are not a med-pot users, please foward to those you know who are!! Help get the word out, and help boot out the politicians that are blocking the relief of your friends, family members, or even yourself!!

    Libertarian Party Seeks Medical Marijuana Patients for TV ads.

    Please forward this message to any appropriate local drug reform groups
    or medical marijuana patients you may be aware of.

    The Libertarian Party is looking for medical marijuana patients who are
    willing to speak out publicly in TV commercials.

    As part of its Drug War Focus Strategy, the Libertarian Party will
    produce and run TV ads on the issue of medical marijuana. These ads
    will be used by the LP to raise public awareness of the issue, and to
    help defeat the worst Drug Warriors in Congress and State legislatures.
    We will produce ads that can be used by our 50 state parties, and that
    can also be customized for our more than 1,300 candidates running this

    While 73% of Americans favor medical marijuana, 90% of congress opposes
    it. These ads will help pressure congress to respect the will of the
    voters, and pass meaningful legislative relief for medical marijuana

    We will specifically target Bob Barr with pro-medical marijuana
    advertising. Barr is the congressman most responsible for the war on
    medical marijuana users. Even among his strongest supporters, Barr is
    out of step on this issue. Due to this year's redistricting, Barr is
    very vulnerable, and we hope to ensure his defeat.

    In the commercials, patients will announce their profession, their
    medical condition, and state how medical marijuana helps to alleviate
    their symptoms. If you are a medical marijuana patient, and would
    possibly be willing to appear in a commercial, please contact me at
    your earliest convenience. My E-Mail is:

    Thank you. With your help, we will end the war on medical marijuana

    Ron Crickenberger
    Political Director
  2. very nice!..Im not a med user myself, but I know a few who are!..I'll be sure to forward this to them.
  3. GOOD...GOOD GOOD....more more more publicity, publicity, publicity, if we have more good publicity we can open the minds of more that have been brainwashed to think that pot is bad!...we can brainwash them to think its good, brainwash them with the TRUTH!

  4. I printed this off and took it over to my local "head" shop.... the owner is a wonderful activist in my area for Med Pot, her husband is a cancer patient. She always has juicey little tidbits of information hanging on her announce board, amist the notices about upcoming concerts, and hemp festivals.

    *bump* the views on this thread are not very high.... so, hopefully this will get some more people's attention.

    PLEASE!!! PLEASE do all that you can to get the word out....



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