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is kitty gonna get it? Or will you abstain?!

  1. Its only a cat... :)

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  2. I'm a big squeamish girl :)

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  1. Hmmmm.. Worth the sacrifice? I mean.. Its only a kitty right??

    Ne comments? Pls cast your vote !!!

    (I'm too stoned, who let me loose on a computer?!) :smoke:


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  2. I love the lil potato shaped things with the fact...lmao

    i voted as a big squeamish girl....cause y whack yourself when u can get a girl to do the kittens....but i'd luv to have a potato creature as a pet.
  3. Hmmmmm...

    Perhaps some sort of trap needs to be made?
  4. [​IMG] Need I say more? Do the kitties still get whacked if you've been snipped???LOL
  5. the kitties get whacked regardless, god is cruel my friend..

    -- i dont make the rules --


  6. Im torn, although god likes to kill lots of kittens are the really liked to masturbation? And what exactly pray tell is classified as masturbation. Something as simple a scratching to long and enjoying it?. Fuck kill em.

  7. what if a cat (or gerbil) starts playing with himself? its not like it couldnt happen. would a person be killed? or is it kittens regardless of whose masterbating?
  8. *I read this post as Beating Around the Bush by AC/DC came on*

    if the picture is true, then how are all cats still alive?
  9. The little cat in the corner of the picture looks retarded.

    p.s. you guys are bastards. if that really happened girls would all be sluts and they would have to fuck someone, and would want to save the kitties, so you guys might actually have a chance, well maybe ;)

  10. Damn.. ;)

    I was hoping you would all fall for that.. Sorry guys, better luck next time...

  11. i am a big squeamish girl, i admit!
    but this in all honesty was heeelllaaa funny :)

    420girlie quit givin the men in the house tips, some poor girl may actually beleive this one & try to save some lil mew's ;)
  12. LOL Anyone ever had a dream like that using Nicoderm? That's what it reminds me of. I love it.

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  13. Kitty killer sent to jail

    By TAMMY MARLOWE-- Sun Media

    WINNIPEG -- A man who broke a kitten's neck has been sent to jail after a judge said he worried about the man's problem with anger.

    "I have a substantial concern about your ability to control yourself," Provincial court Judge Howard Collerman told Ryan Blair yesterday. "People cannot treat life ... as callously and cavalierly as you."

    Blair, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of cruelty to animals and one count of driving impaired causing bodily harm, for two separate incidents in a span of six months.

    On Oct. 22, 2000, court heard Blair and his roommate were drinking and got into an argument about Blair's cat and its kittens.

    Blair became angry and "in an unexplained rage, picked up a five-week-old kitten with both hands and twisted the kitten's neck, cracking it, and then dropped it to the floor," court heard.

    In a second incident on Mar. 10, 2001, court heard Blair got into an argument with his partner after an evening of drinking, and jumped in his car. He then struck another vehicle, injuring the other driver.

    Collerman sentenced Blair to three months in jail for killing the kitten and four months for injuring another while drinking and driving.
  14. dont drink and drive... smoke w33d and fl... lurch.. [​IMG]

  15. Damnit what a horrible thought!!! Oh well, At least its not true. ANd 420 girlie always has a valid statement, and came through this time like usual. Masrerbation and dead kitties... lol

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