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Please take a look at these :/

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fernandomx, Jan 7, 2013.

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    (added this because of another thread)
    What type of medium; soil or hydro? soil
    What brand and type of soil?
    Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
    What strain? Don't know but its a Sativa
    How old are the plants? I believe its a little over 8 weeks
    What type of lights and how many watts? im not so sure....
    How far from the lights? 1 foot
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? Tap water
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK?
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? Soil
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 67 -
    What size pots? 1 gallon
    Any bugs? Look real close. No
    Any other pertinent info?

    I recently had to change the soil on my plant because of nute burn caused by my shitty choice of soil :/ Well the plant was doing perfectly until I moved it into another room where I set the lights to 12/12. Before I did that the plant was doing FINE. :( what can possibly be wrong with it?
    The plant is still strong but has droopy leaves. The stems though show a slight red color :O how worried should I be. Its been like this for 3 days. It doesnt reallt get worse, but its not getting any better :/
    I'm inclined to overwatering but I wouldnt know what actions to take either :( I currently water it a cup a day. Sometimes less

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  2. I'd say you don't have any serious issue here. Leaf curl indicates minor magnesium deficiency. I would give it a little nitrogen (chicken shit tea or the like - mild is better) Looks good.
    Rock'n roll
  3. Turns out my plant isnt getting any better.
    I noticed that on the room i had before. the only difference is the light.
    The plant is only getting worse D: Im stumped
    Any help??? If its the light im taking any recommendations as to what i should have over this badboy. :D The lightbulb im using says
    32w - 480mA- 120VAC - 60Hz
    Am i doing it right?

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  4. One problem is they aren't getting enough light. Move the cfl to a few inches away. Put your hand palm down on the top of the plant it should feel slightly warm from the light. I'd look into lst-ing that plant I your using cfls. Cfls don't have great light penetration.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  5. I have zero knowledge of the word Ist :O Can you teach me??
    Or about the lights im using :/ The box put the plant in the box I used to have it in. If that fixes the problem Ide have to get new lights :O I wouldnt know where to start :(
  6. Your plants are fine! Its the soil you should be concerned with!

    Not enough drainage, the soil is swamped with water!!(droopy leaves are the giveaway!)

    It should be fine though, just water sparingly. Plan on adding lots of perlite to soil when you transplant into lager pots.
  7. And the reason the purpling leaves and slight yellowing is your overwatering is leeching the nute salts from the plant!! (potassium, and nitrogen def)

    Try and go a few days between waterings,
    When they start to look like they are reaching up towards the light, water them.
    It's even ok if you don't notice that, and they start to droop a bit from lack of water! Marijuana seems to LOVE it when this happens.

    Just practice lifting your pots(DYEL?), soon you will recognize by weight alone how much moisture is in the soil...

    GL & HF
  8. + Rep 4 Addict.
  9. I checked the plant and placed it in the box i used to have it in. my initial suspicion was overwatering but It turns out it wasnt getting enough light. Letting the soil dry did nothing to the plants :/. But changing it to my original box with better lighting revived her. Im surprised at how healthy it was when i placed it xD.
    Thanks for the advice Addict :3 Now I don't know what light to replace my bulb with xD.
    The plants too big for the initial box.
  10. I told ya. Gloating aside, replace it with the biggest cfl you can afford or look into getting a 400w digital ballast that you can use for MH/HPS.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  11. So im getting the 400w ballast. what bulb would I need to get for the ballast...
    Like 400w bulb, or less or more??? 1st grower here btw :3
  12. You would need:

    400w digital ballast(allows function of both MH(for veg)/HPS(for flower))
    MH bulb
    HPS bulb
    Something to hang the lights

    You can find these in packages on eBay that includes everything you'll need. I suggest going with good ballast and bulbs. I bought cheap ones and just wound up with them breaking down. They're also less efficient. I'm switching over to lumatek ballasts but there are other goo ones out there so do a bit of research and read some reviews. I hope this helps and feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Happy growing bro.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  13. Also, if you think you might expan your grow in the future a 600w or 1000w dimmable ballast would be a better buy.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  14. I don't think your problem here is lack of lights, I think that you're drowning your plant by watering it everyday.

    Cannabis doesn't like water everyday, (unless the conditions are really dry) it likes to be able to have periods where the soil is mostly dry before its watered again. This allows the roots to take in oxygen which is then displaced next time you give it a drink. If you don't allow the roots to get said oxygen you're creating anaerobic conditions which are a breeding ground for root rot.

    Water your plant until it comes pouring out of the bottom, and stick your finger in the pot everyday until you can stick it considerably down and still feel dry soil, then repeat. You can also pay attention to whenever you're watering, how light the pot is, and after experiencing this for a while you'll know when to water based on that.
  15. This is sound watering advice. I agree the plants are over watered. Still a 32w light is insufficient for even one plant. Cfls lack penetrating power and should only be used I you absolutely cannot afford any better. A good light will pay for itself come harvest.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w
  16. Agreed, a more sufficient light is required. I didn't read much past the part where you said you watered it one cup of water everyday so sorry for mispeaking. Although, all the wattage in the world won't benefit you any if your other plant growth factors are not in in-line.

    Happy growing.
  17. Ill go ahead and buy one of the packages today. Im gonna have to say goodbye to that plant (its a sativa and its getting too big xD it was also the "test"), because I dont think itll make it till the lights get here. I have another two that will definitely enjoy the light by the time it comes by.

  18. Did not know this was a dick measuring contest... As well, it would be redundant for me to repeat the advice you heeded in your post.
  19. Looks to me that your temps are a little low as well, try to get it between 72 - 78. Also if you put a fan blowing lightly on her she'll get a fatter stalk and not stretch as much
  20. It wasn't a jab at you bro. Put your dick away.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w

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