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  1. I posted this too under 'Real Life'... because it is horribly real.

    I'll start from the beginning. I recently found a press release which stated that a new video has been released explaining the terrible case of Schapelle Corby. Here it is:

    Here is the full text:
    A short independent film has today been released which condemns Indonesia's imprisonment of Australian, Schapelle Corby, as unlawful under both Indonesian and international law. Miss Corby was sentenced to an unprecedented 20 year prison term in 2005 for importation of marijuana, and is still imprisoned.

    The film identifies various breaches of Corby's legal and human rights, both before and during the trial. It cites specific aspects of this, and examines some of the external pressures applied to the court itself. It also points out that the drugs she is alleged to have carried had a far greater value in the country of departure than in Indonesia, hence eradicating any semblance of a motive.

    It also highlights the refusal of the judiciary to accept Corby's pleas to have the evidence (marijuana) fingerprinted and forensically tested for country of origin, either of which could have immediately cleared her of any involvement. The evidence was subsequently destroyed by court order, which prevents its future use on her behalf.

    The video, which is titled 'The Schapelle Corby Nightmare' can be viewed on YouTube ( It is also now available from several Schapelle Corby support sites, including the independent UK based international site
    (, which produced it.

    The production team plans a series of additional films for international distribution, which will highlight further harrowing aspects of this case, and subsequent disturbing events.

    I found that horribly distressing. The more I dug from there, the worse it became. There is so much more they (and leaches from outside) have done to her: and she still has 16 years left (she won't last that long).

    So yes.... please do what you can to help her. She could hardly be more desperate. Even if it is just voting on YouTube or sending the link out... please do it. The Schapelle.Net site has other stuff you can do on it.

    Another shocking victim of 'war on drugs'. It makes me wonder about humanity to be honest.
  2. I did see the documentary about her plight. Absolutely inhumane!
  3. A victim of the "War on Drugs" indeed. Just makes me think. How can anyone involved in the government or not, think that twenty years in a dirty prison is better than anything we can do with marijuana?

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