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  1. I've enough . I don't want to hear anymore that some one died.
    This year alone I lost about 10 of my Friends and Family. Maybe 2 or 3 more people. I really lost count.
    3 weeks ago I found my neighbor... today the Brother of my Girlfriend passed.............I realy have enough of that stuff for years.

    Please everybody stay save.
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  2. Well I'll be alone for Christmas so we'll see if I make it...
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    I Very Sorry You Lost Alotta People My Friends. I Not Lost That Many But I Did Lose My Dad In 2017 Too A Heart Attack An I Was Really Close To Him An Also My Cousin In 2019 BC Somebody Murder Her An Was Never Caught. I Feel Your Pain Tho An Empathize! I Hope You Guys Stay Safe Too FrFr!

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  4. I'm sorry for your losses. Were they mostly healthy and not that old? Did they get jabbed? Check out the documentary "Died Suddenly" on rumble. It's being attacked and suppressed, just like people pointing out the timing of how many otherwise healthy people are getting heart problems out of nowhere and or dropping dead. People are dying by "unknown causes" at numbers literally never seen before and the media is mighty calm about it.
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