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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by makersmark, May 11, 2010.

  1. A petition demanding we stop the extradition of Mark Emery. If you haven't seen already his extradition order was signed yesterday. Get the word out on this!!!!!!


    Yesterdays Article-Stating that the extradition order has been signed.

    Even if you're not an activist for cannabis reform or a fan of Mark Emery this has more to do with the backwards and unjust drug policies in place in this country. Some high points if it helps.

    -Mark Emery is being extradited to America from Canada for his mail order seed business.
    -This business was completely above board, he paid income taxes to Canada and even listed his occupation as "marijuana seed vendor" on his returns.
    -Canada never attempted to prosecute him as they didn't view his actions as troublesome or criminal
    -He never even set foot on american soil during the time of his alleged "crime"
    -Every day he spends in an american prison will be as a political POW in an unjust war the american government has declared on it's own people!

    Please, sign the petition and respond to this post when you do so this thread stays alive!!!

  2. I signed this shit!!!!!

    Everybody needs to sign this!!!! C'Mon GC spread the word.
  3. I don't understand how our federal agents were even able to arrest him in the first place. How did they get over the border? Every DEA agent is a stupid fuck. I hope Marc pulls through this.
  4. i signed it
  5. I even put this on a different forum in hopes to get more sigs.
  6. i definitely agree with this and think that the federal government (, other offices of government, etc. need to be contacted directly about this matter. It is sickening. But, that having been said, yeah, i signed the petition, but y'all, if yall really care, we all need to go above and beyond and make those direct contacts, if we hope to have any affect. It's a sad situation
  7. Why do so many people care about this guy?
  8. I signed...feck the feds....damn drug war nazis. :mad:
  9. 411!!! 9 more!!!:)
  10. Signed. 410:hello:
  11. You really think this will make a difference? Your optimism borders on the realm of delusion, my friend.

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