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please reply fast, is it safe to tell people where i live

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frequent flyer, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. i am never sure what exactly i need to be real careful of, should i not tell anyone where im from or is it safe here
  2. Well it is a public site, so anyone can see where you live, just dont post your exact adress or landmarks form your area that may give you away if you want to be safe.
  3. It's not safe, but I do it anyway. Look at my location :p
  4. technically, no it's not safe. If you explicitly trust someone then it could be ok, but still isn't necessarily safe because it's still the internet and people can still lie. So, your call.
  5. why did you need people to reply fast?
  6. because he's a junior member and he probably doesn't like that you never get answers right away.
  7. You can't get arrested for talking about weed or any other drugs... so why is there a danger of letting people here know where you live?
  8. do you want random people you don't know showing up at your house? There are some crazies out there that don't act logically.

  9. he's right
  10. if someone really wanted to, they could just use your IP

    ... unless your talking like your actual house, but you shouldn't give that shit out to ppl on the internet anyway.

    lots of crazies out there
  11. no, you can't use someones IP. With someones IP address they can find out what state and service you use for your internet. You can call up the ISP and ask them who has that address, but unless your the feds, no ISP will hand over user information like house addresses or phone numbers.

    And i wasnt necessarally talking about home addresses when i said that. Just like state and city or whatever... i would never put out my home address on some forum... I know theres some weird people out there..
  12. Posting a big city or state isn't to bad.. I wouldn't post the exact address though!
  13. I feel safe giving out about a 30 mile radius of the general location I live.
  14. imo it doesnt matter heres how i see it:

    if anyone is fucked up enough to take the time to actually stalk you to your home posting where you live wont matter even without that information they could still find a way this is the information age so anything about you can be found if taken the proper time
  15. i wouldnt tell anyone what city you live in. I mean is there really any reason too, just come on here to have a good time and talk with other pot heads, no reason to give out personal info. I know no cop is gonna bust you just for talkin about you smokin weed, but if you start talkin about sellin or knowin people that sell or talkin bout buyin large amounts and youve mentioned where you live thats not smart at all....................................................................................................basically just use common sense
  16. Has anyone read about that chick on Survivor? They bought up like 7 years old posts she made on the alt.drugs forum. Sure, she was a complete retard for using her real and full name, but this just shows it can come back to bite you in the ass. I wouldn't doubt it if posts from here could be used in the court of law, one way or another, if say, and ongoing investigation into one of the blades was going on. If you grow I would definitely not post anything about location. It's pretty safe for us smokers cause we don't have shit like that to worry about.

  17. so at what point do you become a senior member then??
  18. when it says in the lil corner itll give you the new rank when you reach 100 posts iirc :p
  19. thx brian, just curious..
  20. so like i live in tampa florida.....

    that wasent so painfull?

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