Please reccomend me some Jack Johnson

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  1. Well lately I've been hearing nothing but good things about Jack Johnson. I want to listen to his stuff, so could somebody name some of his good songs for me to check out? Some good ones to listen to while stoned and some good ones just to relax to. Thanks.
  2. Banana Pancakes is the best relaxation song ever... you can hear like rain in the background.

    F-Stop Blues is pretty kick ass as well... turn up the bass on that one.

    Toke on, my friend and listen to lots of Jack Johnson, he's awesome. :D
  3. im a big fan of jack johnson, but honestly dude you cant go wrong picking out random songs cuz they all basically sound the same with the same cowboy chords in each song. but he's a real chill artist and i hope you like him. peace.
  4. sexi plexi, flake, bubbletoes, break down, mud football

    i like ALL his songs, maybe i am just weird like that
  5. ^everything he mentioned...and Taylor..another favourite of mine..
    but yeah its true you cant go wrong with anything by Jack Johnson... I really do love him....hehe
  6. I'm the only person on the face of the planet that doesn't like him

    But in all fariness, i dislike him to spite other people.
  7. haha i hear ya rasta_man. i was a big jack johnson fan a few years ago, but he REALLY took off here, and this summer, i couldnt go ANYWHERE without hearing his new album on repeate. (his old stuff is all better in my opinion, but then, tell me an artist this doesnt hold true for..)

    hes still good, but it seems most people dont legitamately like him, they just think they are being beach hippies by listening to it. oh well.

    Traffic in the Sky is his best song for sure. First track i ever learned on the guitar.
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm gonna downlaod all of these once I get a second I'm a little busy at the moment...

    But so far I really like this guy.
  9. 1st album=best
    2nd album=slighty worse
    3rd album=bad, cept for banana pancakes

    check out the first album, brushfire fairytales, its pretty good. i dont really listen to him but i was really into him a year or two ago.
  10. llisten to rodeo clowns. its originally by jack johnson but he does a version with G. Love and Special Sauce. If you like Jack you should check out G. Love
  11. Just wondering, anyone checked out the Curious George soundtrack yet? I've heard good things, just looking for an opinion.

    Toke on, my friends. :D
  12. No, but I did see an interview at the movies with this burned-out retard claiming the he was "totally trying to get inside that little monkey's head" to write songs for it. What a hack.
  13. No need for negativity, man.
  14. I'm a big Jack fan and recently got the curious george soundtrack. It's pretty good, the songs are for kids, but i guess that's expected for a kid's film. G. love, ben Harper, matt costa and money mark appear on it as well. And as for jack's other music, I really like it. As sheeps stated, I think the first album, brushfire fairytales, is the best, followed by the second album, on and on, and the latest album, in between dreams. My favorite songs are posters, f-stop blues, taylor, rodeo clowns, holes to heavens, and mediocre bad guys.
  15. Not trying to start a fight here, but if you want Jack Johnson dick suckery, ask for it. But here, you asked for an opinion.
  16. I was looking for more of "it was okay" or "I didn't enjoy it."
  17. I love the entire In Between Dreams CD, especially Better Together, Never Know, Banana Pankaces, and Crying Shame.

    the Curious George CD is pretty cool to listen when your in the mood to just chillax and sit back on a doobie.
  18. lol so very true

    he's a 'disney bitch' now just like many before

    that track 'the news' by him is spot on tho as are a few others... just none of the newer shit

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