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  1. have you ever gotten up in the morning looked in the mirror and just hated what you saw.... im having one of those days and im just wondering if im the only one, my girl dont trust me, im terribly sick, and i feel like im nothing.
    anyone else have one of those days? or am i out here alone
  2. Iv got this the past couple of nights. When i'm really high i look at myself and i'm like. ''shit is that really me?''
  3. I used to have those days all the time. The way i explain it you have to find your "sweet spot" its kind of like beinf self actualized. you really got to sit back and take a look at what you got and be happy with that before you will ever see things anybetter, my favorite saying is "youcant have what you want til you want what you have" and let me tell you when i move around i take a trashbag a laundry basket and my computer bag and that is the extent of my worldly possession but a few months back i learned to accept that be happy and continue to move forward and wouldnt you know it i became a more happy and ful filled [erson and things started to get better. Hang in there man you will figure it out.
  4. You're not alone brotha, I think everyone has them moments every once in awhile. I don't care what anyone says no matter how "good" of a person you are I'm sure you've taken a step back and looked at your life at least at one point and been like "Damn."
    But if you know whats wrong, fix it. Keep it movin :smoking:
  5. I consider myself physically attractive, so when I look in the mirror I'm usually noting to see if my sixpack is coming along any better or something...

    But I know what you mean about hating yourself. I think about suicide every day.
  6. I always get that after coming down from a trip/coke.
  7. I had one day like that a few years back, gravityfed said it best I think.

    If you have to, really take the time to count your blessings, and if you have a clue whats keeping you down... just get rid of it man. No sense of clinging on to something that you feel is dragging down your life
  8. thanks for the support guys, its just like i like my life, but i feel like its not what i want it to be... i look in the mirror and see someone that is a dissapointment to bis parents and some friends but is happy with himself. i wish i could satisify all of those, not just being happy with myself

  9. right.. lmao.

    least you got a girl... everyone feels this.. u deal with it and move on.
  10. Its a fucked up world if your askin me

  11. Look up depersonalization.

    I'm having one of those days myself. Feel so bad about some stuff sick to my stomach.

  12. yeah man, i totally have had that, cheif a bowl, should cure most of those symptoms.

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