Please read, plant is dying I think

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ViiRuS, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. This is the 2nd time this has happened, my first one is completely limp and lifeless, but I think I can still save this one, please, someone give me some advice.

    Here is a picture :


    Please help me keep this plant alive.

    My lighting is 400w if that changes anything, it's not too close to the light, a few feet away.

    Any help is welcomed thank you.
  2. From my angle seems like ure not planting the seeds deep enough. That's a lot of stem, seems like its making the plant to skinny to hold itself up. I'm fighting a sick plant now myself. Good Luck! ::wave:: ::smoke::

    Some one with little more rep will be through to help you shortly. Don't worry the best thrive under the grow light of GC!!!
  3. Anyone? Please, this has really put me down :/
  4. If you have a 400w Mh/Hps on it then its way to strong for a new sprout.
  5. She looks roasted from the heat, what are ur temps
  6. put it by a window, til its strong enough to handle indoor lights dude, gl. also, might want to add some more soil or pick it up. it works, ive done it.
  7. This happens to me alot. If I put a young sproutling in the direct sun for even an hour it will be withered and lifeless.

    Your soil is too dry, and the heat/light is too intense. Keep them moist at this stage. What's the temps in your grow room?

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