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  1. ok so i was wondering what i should i need some advice. please give ur thouhgts and opinions. okay so i have a female growing right of pineapple kush its about 4 weeks old now i want to add either thc bomb or lsd feminized with it and start vegging or i want to add a regular seed of himilayian kush where it could be female or male. but i want the male so it could give me seeds on the pineapple kush so i have more to grow. i want to do that but then i dont because i dont want regular seeds of pineapple kush where 50% could be male and other female. and if i did that would it cross breed be like pineapple with himilayian? but what are all yaw thoughts but i would need to start that now so they be about the same height when i set in to flowering stage. so please help and thanks.
  2. i suggest cloning vs breeding
  3. but if i putr another female next to it then its not breeding.

  4. Maine just seen where you posted and wanted ask you a question.I've read alot where you have give out advice pretty obvious you know what your doing so how much and how often do I need to add Epsom salt thanks in advance
  5. if you want a all pineapple kush that are femmed seeds you will need a clone of that plant and some colloidal silver. Use the silver to force the PAK plant into herm and collect pollen from that and pollinate the clone of the PAK. This IMO is the best way to make femmed seeds.

    If you make seeds from any male plant that is not a PAK you will have a further mixed breed and a 50/50 chance of males. Also if you breed genetics like that to get more seeds you should again breed the best of the best out of the new seeds and repeat the process a couple times to stabilize the genetics a bit.

    Like MC said you are better off just cloning, it is easy to do and takes less time.
  6. where could i buy colloidal silver?
  7. and can you do it to a mother plant if you dont make a clone? or would it hermie the whole plant? and if it hermed the whole plant would it make it get fem seeds?
  8. I just read about collidal silver online about a weekago google collidal silver and female seeds . I'm no good copy , paste but i'll try post this to give you an idea about where to find or make your own cs .don't think it will link you but I book marked this for future reference. Marijuana Cultivation/Producing Seeds - Wikibooks, open books for an open world. so more good Reading when I open up some of the other pages google brought
  9. Well it did link but I would still google it . Lots of good Reading on collidial silver and how to make or where to buy . Seems best I can remember it's sold inpharmacy's in a spray and it said some people drink it for health benefits. But just google it and you will thank yourself and mixted. Good luck on your seed venture.

  10. From what iread you can isolate a limb and spray it when you flip 12/12 every day till sex shows then collect pollen and destroy part of plant you spray don't know why if people can drink it but it said not suggest smoking infected limbs hope this helps
  11. ive never used it, sorry.

    im saying, if you want more pineapple kush's and you want to know they are 100% feminized, just take clones, instead of trying to breed it / force herm to get seeeds

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