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  1. Dear Mr. President

    My name is Eric Blakesley, I am a stay at home father of three. I am also, like many other Americans: concerned, worried, and angry about the state that our country is in.

    I would like to start by saying congratulations on all the success in your life. I would also like to say, that I can't wait to see in which direction you lead this great nation. After the last eight years anything has got to be better. The economy is the worst that it is has ever been, and that concerns me and many Americans.

    I am not an economist but I do have an idea that I believe might help. If we legalize marijuana there would be a steady flow of revenue. The government could charge a yearly fee of $100 for people to get a license that allows them to use marijuana and grow up to so many plants. If someone wanted to open a hash bar or any other business that deals in the selling of any product that contains marijuana, they would have to get a permit that allows them to sell such products. The fees for such permits could be around $1500 per year. You would have to be 21 to obtain a license. You could charge a $1000 fine for, being caught without a license. The fines as well as the fees for licenses would be paid to the government.

    It would create new jobs in the government as well as in the private sector. It would be an opportunity for new business to open their door and who knows, maybe the country will get along a whole lot better, and people might start helping each other more.

    Sincerely Eric Blakesley
  2. Mr. President won't ever see that letter and in the event it was forwarded to him by some miracle, even care to see that letter. Just the truth man, sorry.
  3. i think it is a well written letter... if everyone on this site wrote a letter to their local polititian we might be getting somewhere
  4. I am going tosend one letter a day for 100 days think it might help

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