Please pray for a fellow toker!

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Today, my best friend got into a car accident. he is in intensive care. I am shocked, he isnt conscious, but is reacting to things like a doctors pinch, etc.... To make it short, wear your seatbelts!

  2. dude go to the hospital and visit with him! i hope he's okay man. best of luck to you, him, and his loved ones
  3. ya, we just got back from the hospital. We cant do anything cause were not immediate family, and they dont want anyone there because he needs really low stimulation right now.

    we're going out to buy him a get well bong tomorrow. I need that bitch to get better! hes my fuckin partner in crime!!!! :(
  4. :( that sounds like me and UFT. was it just him in the car? what happened?
  5. he was going down this mile stretch called binks forest (the road that leads to our development) he doesnt fuck around or speed, and always wears his seatbelt. the accelerator stuck, and he had no seatbelt on, skid around at 70mph into the tree. my friend and i heard the traumahawk fly over and were like "theyre coming for us!!!" and then my dad calls and says he cant get to my place because of an accident, we go check and see our boys car smashed up... it sucked man. he was supposed to hang out with us but went out to dinner with family.

  6. ohhh man, thats horrible. the docs think he's gonna be okay?
  7. the next 4-5 days are going to be crucial, so its up in the air.
    Im scared man, we grew up together, were, and still are toking buddies... fellow mcdonalds and taco bell eaters when we were baked.
    Eric- this bowl is for you.
  8. He's got my prays man
  9. yo thats really sweet. you should do somethin really special for him once he gets out ('sides the bong of course) and be sure to visit him a lot in the hospital. i've never been injured before, but i'm willin to bet seeing support from friends and family can really make the difference
  10. were gonna bring a stereo and shit. we'll be at the hospital every day man.
    3 muskateers hollah!
    Forgive my spelling :p tired.

  11. well good luck with it all. bring him dunkin donuts (thats mine and UFT's place to go) and tell him best of luck for UCFT and the City! i'm going to bed now though so have a good night guys.

    p.s. is he on the city too?
  12. Your friend is in my prayers bro
  13. thanks bros. i know he reads dont know if he posts... but he reads it... alot :p
  14. hotbox his room at the hospital!

    okay...maybe the get well bong would be better :)
  15. The Thought Ran Through My Mind Bro!
  16. Man, I hope that he gets well soon dude!
    I hope all the best for him, man...I hope he will be okay and get toke up.
  17. Sucks so bad! I know how you feel, a buddy of mine was in a coma for 4 days 2 days ago. He got hit crossing the street, the driver ran through the red at night and didnt see him. 52 mph and my friends shoes stayed in place and his body flew.
  18. Seriouslyi Love You All!
  19. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend.
  20. Definitely bro, I wish your friend the best of luck, here's a bowl for him too

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