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    Posted this in sick plants section but have not gotten a reply, i need information fucking NOW!

    I recently had a bug problem so i went ahead and purchased some organic insecticide called triple action plus (Ferti-Lome Triple Action Plus) and sprayed it on all of my seedlings last night. I didnt rinse them off i just let it sit all night. When i came to see them this morning they were all shriveled up! Please GC help a newbie out this is my first grow im not sure what exactly happened to them!

    Background info:
    They are all in solo cups but i will be transplanting soon, they are 2 weeks and one day old.

    Soil mix:
    50% peat moss
    30% perlite
    20% worm castings

    Temperatures range from 90 degrees F to 100+
    at night its cooler usually in the 80's

    I last watered them exactly 4 days ago

    Here are the pictures:

    This one got hit the worst, its a freebie dinafem sweet deep grapefruit:

    These two are thunder bloody mary (white dwarf x mazar)

    Please tell me if they can be saved, and how i can go about doing that, especially the grapefruit cus i only have one seed and i really want it to grow. They aren't wilting but the leaves look really damaged

  2. Bummmmpppp!!!!
  3. What did the instructions say? Did they say to leave on all night or rinse spay after or anything? Also, get that temp down as soon as possible. That's too hot and may be the cause but I'm not sure. Do they have drainage?
  4. Yes they have drainage and no it didnt say anything about rinsing, do they look like they can be saved? Also they are outdoors so i have no control over temps
  5. Also they were fine yesterday they looked like this in the morning
  6. I don't know bro. I'm really sorry I can't help you. How often do you water?
  7. Every 3-4 days, I'm gonna water them tonight the soil is pretty dry
  8. What kind of water?

  9. Maybe you got the mix a little to strong. I would have watered them a few hours before spraying them if they havent been watered in 4 days. My outdoor plants are in the ground and when its 90+ degrees they need watered just about every day. 4 days between waterings with these temps seems a little long even for being in pots. If possible I would plant them in the ground, outdoor plants in the ground have more earth (soil) to help keep the roots cooler. The single blaided leaves that got burnt will naturaly die off so i wouldnt worry about those leaves to much but the damage done to the other leaves will not heal hopefully it wont damage any newer growth. What kind of bugs did you have? About once a week I water with a neem oil mix as a preventative.
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    I use filtered water that comes out of my fridge, I let it sit until it gets room temp. Waters not the problem if it was I wouldve been seeing this a while ago. It's that damn insecticide I sprayed, mustve burned the poor things. I just want to know if they will survive or not
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    Spider mites and leaf miners, I can't dig holes I'm putting them in 5 gallon pots, they are in solo cups right now though. I'm just wondering if they'll survive or not is all, by the looks of it though I'm sure they will. As I said they are not wilting thank God
  12. Wait until fully recovered before trying to transplant or give any stress to them
  13. They do have some damage but it doesnt look fatal but the bugs you got can do alot of damage. Personaly I prefer Azamax for spider mites and some other bugs, Neem oil works but it takes time.

  14. Im not seeing and new webs or spots or anything so i think they are all dead, and to other guy that said wait till they are fully recovered, how long do you think it will take for them to bounce back?
  15. I would wait atleast a week to transplant. They still look small enough for solo cups. Maybe use a little bit of Superthrive next time you water.
  16. Alright i appreciate all the help guys
  17. I know that this is late but maybe it can still help. There is a traditional Chinese cold remedy called Gan Mao Ling. It is available online or in any Chinese pharmacy. Break one of the little pills in half (I like Plum Flower Brand) and shake it up in 8 ounces of warm water. Spray a mist on both sides of affected big leaves once a day for three or four days and most bugs will go away and not come back. This stuff is made of various herbs and roots. You can keep refilling your spray bottle because one pill will last for weeks. Strange but true.
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    preciate it man, unfortunatey my plants sre dead :/. 2 got ate by coons, and the other 2 got ripped by my step mom lol. ill keep this in mind for next year though fasho

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