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  1. This fourm has the most viewers so I am posting here. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with the flu. The next day, my lungs were wheezing. I don't really have a fever right now, but I have stomach pain. Marijuana always blasted away my stomach pains. I tried tums zantac etc. Maybe stomach flu? I hope not. I have like 1/2g of some schwag i bought. I havn't smoked in like 3 months. What will happen if I smoke it, lung wise? I saw some recipies for microwaving some marijuana snacks, but they did not always work. I can not cook it in the oven, that is not an option. Help please?:confused:

  2. lung wise? youre gonna wheeze more and maybe cough more.

    right now youre lungs are weak and feelin like shit (probably just as bad as you do)

    no oven use??
  3. You can't do much without an oven so I suggest a vape.
  4. do you have asthma that could explain the weezing. as far as smoking i wouldnt recamend it. and eating weed could make your stomach pains worse or better. but kinda sketchy to find out based on what you said. so my recamendation would be is to vape that bud. pluse i would vap over smoking anyday but hey thats me. so just try vaping.
  5. Roll up a joint (JOINT not spliff - no tobacco for you, sick boy) and take light hits..... Your lungs will feel like shit, but if your tolerance is low enough (which it damn well should be after 3 months) it should work some wonders.

    Wave your stomach aches goodbye :wave:
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    I think weed weakens the immune system, probably not a great idea to smoke while sick.

    EDIT: Sure it may get rid of the nausea, but that doesn't mean it's curing your illness by any means. If your lungs are feeling rough and you have a flu, do not smoke.

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