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please, no.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by paraclardin, May 22, 2004.

  1. Don't get me wrong, i love weed but lately i have felt considerably less enthused to smoke.

    I think i may have been smoking alone too much. When i am out with friends smoking, i am fine. When i smoke alone i tend to just have a joint and then i can't resist the urge to crawl into bed and lie there.

    anyone get this? What should i do to spice up my spliff life?


    dissident and sleepy in Uk
  2. go out and do stuff when you smoke. go see a movie or something. or go play disc. disc is sooo relaxing while high.

  3. But climbing stairs from the attic to that elusive place called outside takes so much effort. :)

    I've tried to play lively music but the livliest music i own is probably Franz Ferdinand.

    # Find me and follow me
    trhough corridors, refectories...#


    I'm going to dance around my room in my underwear, that seems fun :p
  4. that seems how i am getting now. but, tonight im going on a stoner social outing/night. some of the best times ever.

  5. damn you :p

    I'm alone here, bastard housemates are in bed. Of course they're in bed "it's nearly 2am, Michelle. Normal people sleep then"


    have fun, mate.
  6. well yes, maybe you should smoke a joint and just go to sleep if you're having trouble going to sleep. lol.

  7. I don't want to sleep, but i want everyone else to wake up so i'm not lonely :S

    If want to sleep i have a joint and whilst smoking it i tell myslef:

    This is going to make you feel really high and curious.
    yes it is,
    it is
    i'll just close my eyes for a little while first and then....
  8. oh, ill have fun. lol

    just go to bed!! have fun tomarrow. its gonna be sat
  9. or, call a friend up to smoke a j, i don't know anyone who wouldn't wanna get up to smoke. just go out and do some thing. when i'm stoned, bored, and lonely, i go out side and observe people, thinking how much of a dumbass they all are.

  10. I like your style :D

    If I were you I'd read more, there's nothing like a doobie and a good story.
  11. i have the same problem because i moved awy from all my good freinds, so what i do, is i call my freind, and we get high on the phone and laugh at eachother, its pretty much like smokeing together, cept he doesnt get to hog the munchies :p

  12. ;)

    I read Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. It actually made sense last night so i was more stoned than i had suspected as that novel isn't *supposed* to make a huge amount of sense :) ... or maybe it makes more sense than life itself heheh
  13. Are you smoking mixed with tobacco?
    If that's the case, the tobacco could well be responsible for flooring you..

  14. see, you know something to do! ;) :D

  15. HIGH All, *LOL* mmmmmm I don't know if this vision I have is good or not...but I like it. Nothing like a good Buzz and a Stephen King novel though.

  16. I do smoke my joints with tobacco. But then i smoke tobacco normally and it doesn't have the same affect on me

  17. ;)

  18. before your roommates go to sleep, offer them some weed and rent the matrix

  19. But drugs are baaaaad ;)
  20. offer them some jd

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