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  1. Ok I formated my hard drive the other day got it all up and running again went to windows update got all the things I need [I am using win 98se.] and now I cant watch stream is there any thing I need like do I need to check any boxs in internet options. I go to the site and just the little picture is in the top left corner I have ADSL now so is there any thing I need to know. And also my games are running extreamly slow I have a celron 700mhz with sis 630 display adaptor and it never ran this slow before.
  2. Try updating Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and your video drivers.

    If you still need help PM me.
  3. is there a reason you're running 98se? i'd suggest going with windows xp pro if at all possible. and just keep the security updates up to date. which isn't hard to do with dsl. pm me if you want about info obtaining a copy :) ;) ;D
  4. i use ME and i've been having problems since i formatted my drive a while'll be trying to find updates for's a pain in the ass, but you'll get there, try microsofts homepage, and they have a programme that tersts your pc, and finds out what's missing................also go to start and type in drwatson (maybe a space in betwqeen dr and watson), and it'l;l tell you what's up.............the problem i had was thjat my mouse stopped working, and the display was goosed, but i had to go hunting for a display driver, that suited my pc..............Peace out........Sid
  5. Now my computer is FUCKED its busted broke i dont know what it is but I have formated 3 times now and now when I try to install usb driver off the win CD it says wrong driver for device and it was the same driver I was using before. Im sick of this computer crap the shit just dont work and I cant afford a new one right now not anymore [fucking debt collectors] . And I havent turend it on since the screen went blue said "fatal exeption error press any key to resume" I press any key and it went spastic the screen was all lines like the matrix So I restart and win booted up fine till I try to install driver for the usb controller sreen went blue I press a key and I went spastic again. Now I just dont wont to turn it on. Im using my mums shitty pice of shit.


    can you tell me what the porblem is?
  6. It would be wise to do the following, and maybe it will fix your problem:


    Download Ad-Aware, install it, update it, and run it to scan your computer for annoying software.

    2. Run an updated VirusScan and scan your computer for viruses.

    3. Next time you format, before you format, type "fdisk /mbr" or "fdisk c: /mbr". This resets the master boot record on your primary hard disk where viruses or bad data can lurk.

    All in all, you'd probably want to get somewhere more than 128MB RAM (you didn't specify how much you had - you might want to consider 196-256 MB) and install Windows 2000 or Windows XP (they work best with >128 MB RAM).

    Those OS's are much smoother and capable than all the Windows 9X systems.
  7. yeah i use win2k because of an article I read awhile ago that told how xp spies on you in more than 16 different ways...and I just use Windowblinds since 2000 normally looks like crap, sorry if I'm off-topic, oh well...peace out
  8. Well now my pc wont even boot up.

    I push the button to turn it on and the light comes on and thats it nothing more. Wait it did clik then click again but still nothing but that is it.

    maby its the battery i dont know.
  9. The answer to all your problems is easy..... Buy another PC and dump your old one. Not really practical but there's nothing quite like a fresh, brand new out of the box computer..... mmmmm, I can almost smell the styrofoam.

    Oh, and the other guy was right... avoid any OS before XP if you want a decent system.

    If you got to you can get what you need there (under applications).... I love this site.

    This is the mutts nuts for codecs. All your codec needs rolled in to one. God bless em.

  11. Linux is better, Im starting to use it again, it rules.
  12. i think windows ME sucks. anyone else realized this?

  13. Yes, I've noticed this with all versions of windows, but ME especially.

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