Please motivate me

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  1. Alright so I got three 40's in my classes, I'm in grade 12, going back for 1 more year. I have 2 units left to pass. I've already unplugged my xbox n shit.
    Motivate me bitches! :D
  2. I don't have any motivation myself.

  3. Shit not the best question to ask on a weed board. :p
  4. Prioritize; very important to be organized.

    View; clean your work area.

    Set goals; set yourself up for success by being realistic in your goal setting.

    Rhythm; when are at your creative best? start using that time to your advantage.

    Progress; how far you've come is an excellent motivational tool.

    Never give up; retreat but never surrender.
  5. truth be told the only person who can motivate you is you
  6. What motivated me is the fear of not succeeding and making something of myself. Also to proof to others I can succeed. Key word : succeed
  7. If long term motivation isn't your thing. You can always motivate yourself with weed/videogames/whatever. Only play/smoke if you finish your shit.

  8. In the process of doing that, t break till summer and no xbox :eek:
  9. I like your seriousness in this. You seem to really want to get motivated. You have motivation to get motivated. Honestly, I can't really help with the motivation issue, but you seem to be on a good start.

  10. This.

    I have an uncle that didn't do shit and lives with my grandparents still. He's 55 years old and still lives with his fucking parents. It's insane. What's scarier is when you realize there are actually a lot of people like this.

    Guy probably hasn't been laid in about 35 years.

    You want that? Then fail out of High School and don't try at anything because that's what happens.
  11. buy some dank, finish your schoolwork, THEN smoke :smoke:

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