Please look *PIC* plants having trouble.

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  1. Alright guys, im starting to get worried with the droopines of my plants, some droop more then others but they are all drooping to a certain extent. I need to know if this this overwatering or they arent getting enough watering? I water them everyday, so i doubt they are not getting enough water. But i don see how i could be drowning them hoes either as i only water them when the soil is dry , not only at the top but i stik my finger in bout 5 cm. What can it be? The sun hits them hard so maybe i am not watering enough ? Is it possible for plants to need watering twice a day?

    Thanks alot please reply quickly as they are geting worse day by day. :(:wave:

    the pics

    Oh yeah one of them isnt drooping but has yellow leaves coming out, thanks guys.

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  2. they may just need to have some support on the main stem.

    how much are you watering everyday?

    i am watering twice a day, morning and night, around 1 cup perplant while vegging and have no problems.
    maybe its too much water all at once.
  3. well i dont exactly know how much i just stick the hose in and wait till the water comes out the bottom of the pot. But today i used bottles gave them bout a litre each.

    thanks for the quick reply

    more input plzzz
  4. just sticking the hose in isnt really good cause it washes away any nutes you may be using.
    ya cut down on the h2o
  5. alrite bro nice 1 ill let them get thirsty for some days see what happens. thnks

  6. if that plants have 5-6 hours of sun lets say between 11:00 - 17:00
    well imagine which temp are in the soil ....

    that way with hose or any watering in this situation are nothing for soil moist.
    Why ? Cause soil are too dried and cant absorb water,just very liitle part will be absorbed but rest will finish on your balcony ...

    Patience in situations like this,1L now ... 1L after 15 min .. 1L after 15 min, then repeat that in sunset.
    Then use normal watering twice per day,sunrise/sunset.Not alot of water, always are better multy watering but less...
  7. ooh i get you, that could actually be the problem cus i normally giv them loads in one go. So your saying i should still water them as buch as i was but more spread out. It makes sense because the soil was always dry so overwatering wudnt make sense.
  8. Overwatering. Just water it in the morning and maybe the afternoon, depending on the temperature.
  9. alright bro thats what im gna do dry them ut proper and then start from clear, if the pot is bigger do they need more water even though they are the same size? How much water would you recomment to give a time, i dont kno how oz works im from europe , takin in mind the size of my plant would a litre every time b fine so 2 litres a day pretty much.
  10. You´re giving them chlorinated tap water???!!!!!
  11. What you mean man, they just geting normal water from the hose yeah...why? Its been growing fine with this water till now.
  12. I thought the whole point of this post was they are drooping - ie they are NOT growing fine.
  13. yeah man, they have been growing fine until the last week or so i mean, when they started drooping.

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