Please look over my shopping I missing anything?

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  1. Hey guys, the wife gave in and is letting me get some supplies! Please see below and give advice on whether or not this is a decent setup for the price, what I could add, where I could do better, etc. Also, has anyone ever bought from Are they legit?


    Lumatek 400W 120V HPS/MH Elect Ballast


    Radiant 6" with 400 watt bulb extention


    Hortilux Blue (Daylight) Super Metal Halide Bulb, 400W


    Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulb, 400W


    Reflective Mylar Film, 50' x 4 1/2', 1 mil


    SunRise Reflector Hanging System


    FloraBloom 1 Quart.


    FloraGro 1 Quart.

  2. a good ph meter.
    ph up/down.
  3. The Hortilux bulbs won't last long in the electronic ballast. They will burn out or the arc tube on the HPS will fall of.
  4. Why are you buying 1qt of flora bloom/grow? Do you already have the micro? Are you making a mistake here and trying to go by the lucas formula(micro and bloom)? Just trying to make sure you are ordering the right stuff, I could be way off here.
  5. High Tech Garden Supply all the way if you have access to eBay/paypal :wave:
  6. Toke$ter - I was told that I would just need the Floragro and the Florabloom. They sell a Floramicro too that is necessary? I'll have to look this up and research it a bit more.

    Grass69 - I haven't read that Hortilux bulbs aren't good for electronic ballasts. What are some high-quality bulbs you'd recommend then?

    onlybuilt4 - I did some comparison shopping and elitehydro was significantly cheaper than HTGS. My only concern is that I haven't been able to find reviews on elitehydro.

    Thanks guys
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    Hortilux sent out a bulletin to all wholesalers and retail stores that electronic ballasts are not compatible with their bulbs. They will also not warranty bulbs that are damaged from electronic ballast use

    The electronic ballasts vibrate the arc tube at very high frequncies and then break the welds/bonds on the arc tube which either falls off or the bulb burn out.

  8. Ding ding ding

    Quality + Customer Service, even with a higher price is always a win in my book

    Price ain't everything

    remember that

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